Top Ten Confessions of a Book Blogger


Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, guys! This week’s theme is a freebie, which is always hard because research has shown that having options leads to anxiety and unhappiness. Thankfully, I’m kind of an impulsive decision-maker (most of my life-altering decisions have been impulsively made) so I’ve decided to go with… blogger confessions!

I missed doing the Twitter hashtag back when it was going around, so this is kind of me catching up with the rest of you lucky enough to be around when that happened. Here we go. 🙂

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Let’s Talk: The Elusive Five-Star Book


Reading is an extremely, extremely personal activity. As it’s often said, no one ever read the same book twice—each of us brings into a book our own perspectives, values, preferences, belief systems, and experiences, all of which determine how we perceive a book and its contents. This is why opinions are largely subjective, and this is why I can love a book you hate, and I can hate a book you love.

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Top Ten Authors I Read For The First Time in 2015


I love this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic! Too often we (well, I) forget that there is a person behind each book, and this was a great way for me to kind of look into authors whose works I’ve enjoyed a bit more. Surprisingly (to me), this list happens to be 100% female! I guess that’s to be expected, though, given that the only male authors I’ve read this year are Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Ness and the rest have been female. Maybe it’s time to read more male authors? 🙂

Now, in no particular order…

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Let’s Talk: The Appeal of Dark, Brooding Heroes

I’ve been reading romance novels ever since I was eleven or twelve, maybe, sneaking around at home after grabbing something out of my mum’s collection. I was still in primary school, completely oblivious to matters of the heart, so every first meeting made me light up in anticipation, every accidental brushing of the hands captivated, every kiss thrilled like no other.

Over the years, this habit stayed. I’m twenty-three now and I still read romance novels when I want to relax, when I want to tune out the world, when I want to simply bury myself in a quick, easy read and let myself be effortlessly carried through the journey.

One of the things I noticed, however, is this: many (and I mean many) of the love interests are dark and brooding. Goodreads even has a shelf dedicated just for them.

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