Around the World in YA Book Tag


The travel bug has bitten me again, so it’s now time to go around the world! Except with books, because this is still a book blog and I have SO MANY IDEAS for this. Now, this tag was created by Becca at Becca and Books and I was tagged by Kelly at Stellar Scrutiny maybe about four months ago, but as usual, I’m running late. 😛

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Let’s Talk: The Elusive Five-Star Book


Reading is an extremely, extremely personal activity. As it’s often said, no one ever read the same book twice—each of us brings into a book our own perspectives, values, preferences, belief systems, and experiences, all of which determine how we perceive a book and its contents. This is why opinions are largely subjective, and this is why I can love a book you hate, and I can hate a book you love.

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