Let’s Talk: Time Management for Bloggers


If you’ve been blogging for more than, say, a month, you’d likely have noticed that it takes way, way more time than you thought it would. I’m the same. I thought you just read a book, you write a review, you publish it, and voila! Blogging’s done for the week.

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Top Ten Blogging Lessons I’m Thankful I’ve Learned


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday’s theme is Thanksgiving, so I thought I’ll do something a little bit different and focus on the blogging end of things instead of just books. I’ve only been book-blogging for almost three months so I’m still a beginner, but here are ten lessons I’m thankful I’ve learned! 🙂

A couple of disclaimers before we continue:

  • I have been paid (and am being paid!) by companies to write, edit, publish and market their blog for them, so I do actually have some level of experience when it comes to blogging.
  • This list is influenced by what I’ve professionally learned and known to work, and my lingo can be somewhat corporate at times.

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