The Who Am I Tag

Howdy and happy weekend, y’all! I’m writing this post from my childhood home in Indonesia. It’s now been… er, several days since I moved back and things are still hectic as expected, so instead of a substantial book-related post and in an attempt to indulge my laziness, you get a tag. 😂

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One-Year Blogiversary + Giveaway


Has it really been one year? 😱

In the grand scheme of things, one year might not seem that long… but I’ve never been the kind of person to really stick to anything for a long period of time. I may make two, three or seven resolutions every time January 1st rolls around, but I forget them pretty much immediately. I pick up hobbies and interests — baking, coding, graphics, crocheting — and drop them the morning after. I prided myself on not having routines.

Somehow, this blog is an exception to all that. 😊

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