Review Policy


I accept ARCs, print books and e-books (in the form of epubs) from authors and publishers, with a strong preference for anything in the Young Adult genre. I might make the occasional exception.

Please note that I make no promises to review your book unless I specifically mention that I will do so, but once I do, you can expect me to feature your book in both or the latter of the following categories on my blog:

  • Book Looks, where I draw fashion inspiration from the book covers and promote the book blurb at the same time, and
  • Book Reviews, the self-explanatory section where I read and review the book. These reviews also later appear on my Goodreads account.

My reviews are always 100% my opinion and never a personal attack on the author, editor, publisher or the book in question. The following details my rating system:

  • shelatitude_fivestars I love it! It’s wonderful. Interesting plot that stays away from cliches, or uses cliches but with (believable) twists. Realistic, flawed characters who have just enough to love. Unique writing style. Probably in my favourites.
  • shelatitude_fourstars I really like it! It’s pretty good. Engaging plot. Really likeable characters, with human motivations, goals, fears and desires. Beautiful language.
  • shelatitude_threehalfstars | I like it! It’s got flaws, but overall I’m glad I picked up this book. Mostly enjoyable. Comfortable in using genre conventions, but with its own twists.
  • shelatitude_threestars | I’m right in the middle. The book may offer some really great things, but for one reason or another I just wasn’t that into it.
  • shelatitude_twostars | I don’t like it. Frustrating at times. Has enjoyable moments, but often not enough to actually make up for the bad ones. Weak characters, weak plot. Could be better in many, many ways.
  • shelatitude_onestar | I really didn’t like it. Very little to no redeeming points. Frustrating characters with frustrating character growth or the lack thereof. Unrealistic plot. Overly liberal use of deus ex machina. Fills me with rage for one reason or another.

Note that due to the volume of requests, I will only be replying to those emails with books I am interested in. You can use this form to get in touch with me.

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