April Wrap-Up || May TBR (2017)

Another month, another thirty days of me being completely neglectful of this blog, my TBR, and my social media. 😂

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Top Ten Bookish Green Flags

Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, everyone!  This week’s theme is ‘things that will make me instantly want to read a book’. Now, I’ve been superbly busy these past few weeks but I’m really glad to be able to bring to you my ultimate list of bookish green flags — and of course, if you think of anything that you want to recommend to me, go right ahead. 💚

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Let’s Talk: What I Look For in a Book Blog

When I first started out, I was not so picky about the book blogs that I follow. I followed just about anyone I encountered in the ‘book reviews’ or ‘young adult’ tags just on the basis that we’ve got the same interests. I followed back just about anyone who followed me first without even really looking at their blog and evaluating whether or not it’s actually something that I’m interested in. 🙈

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