Let’s Talk: My Blogging Bucket List


When 2016 began, I compiled a list of blogging resolutions that I totally planned to achieve throughout the year. Evidently, I learned very little from my own life, where I’m always forgetting resolutions about, oh, three minutes after I made them. Not only that, my second mistake was not making them SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) and even now I have no idea which resolutions I actually (unwittingly, accidentally) achieved. 🙉

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Let’s Talk: The ‘Not to Read’ Pile


So… I’ve recently taken on the very scary, very daunting challenge of reorganising my Goodreads shelves. The whole thing took me maybe an hour or so from start to finish, half of which were spent just reading through book blurbs, looking at pretty book covers, and deciding whether or not I actually want to read this book.

But Reg, you say, that sounds more fun than scary or daunting. 🤔

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