Top Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet

Hi everyone, and happy Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s theme is authors I’m dying to meet, and I’ve got just the list for you. 🤗

Fun fact: I’m actually not the biggest author person, meaning that unless you’re a huge (HUGE) favourite of mine, no book is an insta-read, and out of this list, probably only half are really huge favourites. Still, these are the authors I greatly admire for the work that they do, and I believe I can learn lots by meeting these people and spending even ten minutes in their company. Let’s get to it! 🌸

1) Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson is my fantasy king. He might not be the best at writing beautiful prose, but his world-building is freakin’ top-notch and he writes intricate, complicated plots really, REALLY well. He’s known for his ‘Sanderson Avalanche’, where he somehow manages to deliver really satisfying conclusions in a few chapters. He’s also crazy productive, so (hopefully) you don’t have to wait too long for his sequels. 🤴

He’s quite active on Reddit, if you’d like to stalk him there.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: I’d say Steelheart is his easiest work, but I really love the Mistborn trilogy for the massive behemoths that they are.

BOOK ON MY TBRWarbreaker! It just sounds interesting and seems less heavy than, say, The Way of Kings.

2) V. E. Schwab

If Sanderson is my fantasy king, Schwab is my fantasy queen. She’s got such an elegant writing style and an ability to create magical worlds beyond my dreams. I’m always a little in love with her characters too, protagonist or villain and any shade in between, so that’s a plus. 🙆

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Vicious, for its exploration of self-made superheroes and good versus evil. It’s also generally more fast-paced than her other works.

BOOK ON MY TBR: Our Dark Duet. While This Savage Song is thus far my least favourite of her works that I’ve read, I’m still curious about Kate’s and August’s fate.

3) Sarah Dessen

Dessen holds a special place in my heart just because she’s likely my first real YA author. While her stories tend to be a bit formulaic and predictable, it’s the journey that’s the destination — her writing is always so meaningful, every scene so economical, and when it all draws into a conclusion I always feel like I’ve seen so much growth in the protagonist. 💕

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Just Listen. I mean, what else? And Lock and Key is a close second.

BOOK ON MY TBR: Her new book, Once and for All, is coming in June. WHO’S EXCITED?

4) Jodi Picoult

This is actually a bit of a weird one as I actually don’t read a lot of Picoult’s books, but I listened to her speak in one of my favourite podcasts and knew that I wanted to hear more about her writing process. She writes drama and mystery so well, and she knows just the right moralistic questions to ask to make you think. She also, apparently, replies to every email and tweet she gets. 🙏

I highly recommend listening to the podcast here. Picoult talks about writing Small Great Things, writing characters who are not her race, and using sensitivity readers.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: I read Change of Heart ages ago and apparently rated in five stars! I don’t really remember the book, but I’d trust my past self.

BOOK ON MY TBR: Small Great Things. She seemed to take such great care writing it and I’m curious as to what the outcome of the moral dilemma will be. 🤔

5) Rainbow Rowell

I actually met Rainbow Rowell last year at a writer’s festival and while I’m not the biggest fan of her books, she’s got such a warm, happy personality that I couldn’t help but to want to just hear her speak. About anything. Forever. I listened to her and David Levithan talk about writing fantasy and was just super drawn by how… candid and unabashedly herself she is. 🤗

RECOMMENDED BOOK: I’m going to say Fangirl — again, I’m not the hugest fan of her books but I do remember enjoying this one!

BOOK ON MY TBR: Is it bad if I say I don’t have any of her books on my TBR? 🙈 I don’t think she’s got anything coming out and I’m not interested in any of her current works. (I love her, though.)

6) Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker is a bit of a new find to me. I barely know anything about her but her books, both of which I’ve read, were so freakin’ awesome, they put me in a small hangover in which I tried (and failed) to look for books similar to hers. Her writing is super witty, her characters adorable and their relationships so damn mature and respectful, they’re everything I think a contemporary romance novel should be. ✨

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Parker only has two books and they’re part of the same series, so I’d say both of them! Act Like It is the first and it’s quite lovely (it has a pretend relationship!), though I think I like Pretty Face just a tad more.

BOOK ON MY TBR: Nothing yet. I’m waiting for her to write something new. 😭

7) Melina Marchetta

The first time I read a Marchetta book was actually when I was a teen. It was translated into Indonesian and I remember loving it, though I forgot about that book and its author until, well, I actually started blogging!

And what a great re-discovery that was, because Marchetta’s writing is one of the most nostalgic, authentic teen voices I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. In her books, teens act, think, and speak like teens. Surprising, isn’t it, how rare that can be at times? 😍

RECOMMENDED BOOK: My most recent reread of hers, Saving Francesca. Such a glorious coming-of-age book about family and friends and growing up.

BOOK ON MY TBR: Finnikin on the Rock! I’ve always wanted to see how she does fantasy but I keep putting it off in favour of others. It’s my own fault, truly. 😅

8) Haruki Murakami

I don’t generally enjoy magical realism or surrealism, but there’s something about Haruki Murakami’s books that I just love to bits and pieces. They’re just so… weird, but they’re also so beautiful, you can’t help but to embrace the weird.

He’s also somewhat formulaic in which after you’ve read a couple of his works you start to identify similar patterns and themes, but I always love what I’ve read. It’s like being transported into this an oddly enchanting universe that looks exactly like yours, but isn’t quite it. 😉

RECOMMENDED BOOK: I’d say start with Norwegian Wood or Blind Woman, Sleeping Willow — both are ‘easier’ reads to get into compared to his thicker, weirder books. ✨

BOOK ON MY TBR: Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche. It’s a non-fiction book about the 1995 Aum Shinrikyo sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

9) Taylor Jenkins Reid

I’m actually not the biggest fan of Reid’s books but her themes, I am a huge fan of. She puts her characters through some of the worst situations I could think of and yet always manages to make me feel hopeful at the end. I tend to dislike her protagonists and disagree with their choices, but Reid’s books are so heart-wrenchingly realistic. They make me go: shit, what a terrifying yet beautiful life. 🙈

RECOMMENDED BOOK: After I Do is thus far my favourite of hers. It speaks about what happens after, well, the ‘I do’ — as it turns out, getting together with the person you love is the easiest part of all.

BOOK ON MY TBR: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, out in June this year.

10) Cheryl Strayed

I first heard of Cheryl Strayed when one of my best friends forwarded me a column of hers, telling me that she cried buckets of tears reading it. Naturally, I didn’t believe her so I went on to read that same column… and obviously, also teared up. There’s just something about Strayed’s writing that truly speaks to the heart. 💗

Now I follow her podcast (with Steve Almond) on Dear Sugar somewhat religiously. Many of the people writing to them I can’t directly relate to, but she’s so wise, so understanding, so kind that I just can’t help but to feel more empathetic just by listening to her speak. The same with her writing.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Tiny Beautiful Things. Just such a lovely, gut-wrenching book that packs an emotional punch. Or if you’re in the mood for something shorter, this similarly titled column in which Strayed advises twentysomethings about to start adulthood. 🌟

BOOK ON MY TBR: Wild. I actually haven’t read the book that made her popular (?) though I’ve watched the movie (and loved it, naturally).

Do you want to meet any of the authors on my list, and who’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments! 🌿

94 thoughts on “Top Ten Authors I’d Love to Meet

  1. Oh, definitely definitely Brandon Sanderson and VE Schwab! I honestly haven’t read of Schwab’s books, though, but she seems really cool and game for anything! Her Twitter personlity is so much fun! Brandon Sanderson, on the other hand – oh man, this guy has the brain of a genuis! Love him! Great list, Reg! xo, Kat


    • Brandon Sanderson is legit a genius! I’m also really impressed by how prolific he is – that man can WRITE and WRITE. Like I feel like he writes more books than I am able to catch up on, haha.

      And VE Schwab is just a sweetheart. I love her on Twitter, and I love her books too. Are you going to read anything, do you reckon? 💗

      Liked by 1 person

      • I honestly don’t know where to start with V.E. Schwab’s books! But the high one on my list is ADSOM! I just keep on hearing good stuff about it! 🙂 Any recommendation as an entry point to her works? =)


    • Ahhh you should check out the podcast I linked for Jodi Picoult! She’s so well-spoken, I fell in love with her pretty much immediately. And Haruki Murakami’s style is so unique, I just can’t help but to love his stuff. 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I would definitely love to meet Rainbow Rowell; I love her books! Melina Marchetta and Jodi Picoult are on my TBR; I have several of their books that everyone loved recommending to me that I’ve excited to read! I actually met V.E. Schwab in real life, and she was absolutely wonderful. ❤️ I’m hoping to see her again at Bookcon this summer, I think!


    • Ahhh I definitely recommend Melina Marchetta if you just read YA! She’s just got that teenage voice 100% on point, more so than any other author I’ve ever read. And Jodi Picoult writes some terribly complex stuff, so I love her too. 😛

      I’m jealous that you got to meet Schwab! I’m not surprised that she’s absolutely wonderful – she’s like that on Twitter as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like Sanderson BECAUSE he doesn’t do ‘beautiful prose’. He delivers the story without wiffling about with pretty descriptions and such. Good list. Just goes to show you can like a person without liking what they do.

    Our Must-Meets


  4. I LOVE Cheryl Strayed. Marie Forleo sat down for a conversation with her a month or so back that I really recommend finding on youtube. It was such a great conversation about writing and life and all the good/bad stuff.

    Tiny Beautiful Things is next on my TBR! I read Wild about a year ago and absolutely ADORED it, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to read something else of hers.


  5. I totally agree with what you said about not being a huge author person. I may read a book because I’ve enjoyed the author’s books in the past, but I won’t pick up something that doesn’t look good.
    I also agree with Sarah Dessen and Jodi Picoult. They’d be cool to meet.


    • Yes, exactly! Like I respect and appreciate authors for what they’ve done, but I never really felt a huge need to meet them or go to their book launches, haha. These authors on my list, though, I’d probably go to meet if I ever get the chance. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  6. *throws Finnikin at you* You must read that book! Finnikin is my book husband and Marchetta does fanatasy so well. The characters are still so relatable and wonderfully complex.

    I’d love to meet Sanderson and Schwab as well. I’d be in fanatsy heaven if I got the chance to meet them.


    • That sounds promising! I’ve heard such good things about Finnikin, actually – I just haven’t had the time. Soon (by that I mean this year… or the next…) hopefully. 😛

      OMG me too. They’re like my power fantasy authors.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I WANT TO MEET LUCY PARKER, TOO! She seems so sweet online and I would totally pick her brain about her new book. I’ve met Sarah Dessen and Rainbow Rowell at Bookcon and they are both very lovely women! I just wish I had more time to chat with them.


    • I’ve seen her interview videos too, and she’s such a sweetheart on Twitter!

      Haha, I’ve actually heard that as well, and that he actually avoids people if he can? It fits in my image of him, actually – his works are just so quirky, so it’s not surprise that he himself is a bit quirky. 😛

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  8. This is such a lovely list 🙂 I would love to meet Schwab just as well, though I have yet to read the book you recommended the most, Vicious. And Sarah Dessen, there is something about her books that make me smile so big ❤


  9. I’ve met three of the authors on your list– Brandon Sanderson, V. E. Schwab, and Sarah Dessen. STILL freaking out about meeting both Sanderson and Schwab in the same weekend last fall– I fangirled so hard!! (They are also my king and queen of fantasy writers.) I would definitely like to meet Rainbow Rowell someday, too.


    • That’s so lucky and I’m super jealous! I really admire Sanderson and Schwab for their ability to create worlds, and Dessen’s stuff is so sweet and heartfelt. ❤

      Rainbow Rowell is such a sweetheart, too. I hope you get to meet her someday. 🙂


  10. I don’t care that much about meeting authors, but I would love to talk to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Louise O’Neill, just because I think they would have really interesting things to say! I also wouldn’t mind telling Patrick Rothfuss and Donna Tartt how brilliant they are. 😝


  11. This is a great list Reg, and some of these are authors I’d love to meet as well. Rainbow Rowell was actually in the UK late last year (along with Leigh Bardugo) and I am so so gutted I missed out on a chance at meeting her. Just from what you’ve said about her she seems like a wonderful author to meet, and I imagine it must have been a brilliant event you were at as well.
    Sarah Dessen is another author I’d love to meet. She was my first YA author as well, and probably the author who got me into contemporary books so I’d love to meet her (also yes so excited for Once and For All!)
    Great picks for this week Reg. I know you’re not a massive fan of author meet-ups but I hope all these authors are somewhere near you someday so you can meet them! 😀 ❤


    • Thanks, Beth! Rainbow Rowell was just so warm and happy, like her presence brightens up the whole room, or something. Hopefully you’ll get to meet her sometime in the near future. And Sarah Dessen just writes the best realistic contemporary YA ever. ❤

      Haha, I know! Perhaps it's also that I'm not super used to it — I've always REALLY enjoyed the author meet-ups I've been to even though I wasn't that into the author, so I bet I'll really enjoy those ones where I love the author.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Melina is the amazing little opinionated pocket rocket you imagine. I loved meeting her recently and completely agree with her authentic YA voice. I would recommend reading her adult novel too. Murakami and Strayed would definitely be on my list too. Wild is a great read to brutally honest and unflinching. You will love it when you get to it 🙂


    • Ahhh I bet she is! I actually had the chance to meet her but kind of missed it because the venue took a bit of effort to go to, and I got lazy, oops. I imagine she’ll be so great to listen to, though.

      And I hope I like Wild as much as you did! Everyone seems to love it, and Strayed’s writing is just a punch to the gut. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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