Top Ten Thoughts Every Blogger Has Had At Least Once


Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, beautiful people! This week’s theme is a freebie, which is great because boy, have I got the topic for you. Without further ado, let’s just jump right into it — here are ten thoughts every blogger has had at some point in their blogging journey! 💐

1) “If I had a dollar for every hour I spend on this blog…”

You’ve spent hours and hours blog-hopping, commenting, writing blog posts, editing blog posts, sourcing images, editing images… and guess what? Still as broke as you were before. Sorry! 😫

2) “I want to say something, but I have nothing to say. Help!”

facepalm-gifI’m sure I’m not the only one who sometimes thinks this! It happens when:

  • Someone has left a really thoughtful comment on my blog, and I want to return the favour, or when:
  • Someone has posted an amaaazingly well-written and insightful blog post, and I have ~SO MANY THOUGHTS~ but no way to really articulate them.

It’s either so many words, not enough substance, or so much substance, not enough words. I can’t ever get it right. 🙈

3) “They’ve been blogging for like one month and they’ve already got TWO THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. How did that happen?”

This kind of thing might make me want to beg them to teach me their ways, but more importantly, it also makes me want to tip my hat and say: You amazing blogger, you. 😍

4) “This CAPTCHA thing is a trap. I’ve clicked “Publish” legit five times and my comment is not publishing! The Blogspot gods hate me.”

If you remember my bucket list from several days ago, you know that I’ve made following more blogs part of what I want to do in 2017. Part of this, I’ve decided, would involve me looking into Blogspot and the wealth of great book blogs they have to offer.

rage-against-you-machines-gifAnd yet… and yet. And yet I can’t seem to comment on so, so many of them.

The ones that have Disqus, perfect. The ones that don’t, the ones where I have to login to Google Plus, leave my name/URL, or some other magical way? Even if the CAPTCHA registers me as a real person and not a bot, I have no real way of tracking all the comments I left, so there goes any possibility of conversation.

Seriously, you guys, if you’ve got any insights on this matter, let me know. 🙏

5) “Why am I doing this? Does anyone really care? Does it really matter?”

There comes a time in every blogger’s life where they start questioning E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G they’ve done. Who’s actually really listening to me? Have I actually offered something different to the community? Will anyone notice when I’m away? Does it really matter? Cue: blogger life crisis. 😕

6) “I wish my blog looks as good as theirs.”

Ever visited another blog and felt like everything they’re doing, they do better than you? Yup, me too. Blog envy is areal  thing, you guys.

7) “This post I’m writing is SO amazing — I bet everyone will love it.”

*pats self on the back* 😊

8) “This post I’ve written is SO amazing — why doesn’t anyone love it?”

*cries into hands* 😭

9) “I should fix that. And that. And that. Oh, and that. Damn it, my blog’s a mess.”

In a way, I’m actually kind of thankful that customisation is super limited on the free version of WordPress, because otherwise I feel like I’ll be chasing unattainable perfection. 😂

10) “Dayuuum, lookin’ good, <insert own blog name>.”

At the end of the day, though, perfect layout or not, error-free posts or not… I just love my little corner of the internet. ❤️️

Which of these thoughts can you relate to? What other thoughts have you had as a blogger? 😊

This post is a part of Blogger’s Corner, a section on She Latitude dedicated to all things blogging. 

161 thoughts on “Top Ten Thoughts Every Blogger Has Had At Least Once

  1. Thousand times yup.
    I had – still does – every single one of those thoughts.
    It’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone in them ^^

    I *so much* understand numbers 1-4 (those tend to haunt me a lot)
    When number 7-8 happen it’s just so sad 😦

    Currently, I’m on number 5. Which makes me really depressed.
    *heavy sigh*
    But I’m not about to give up. It’s just a phase of self-doubt (:

    I very much enjoyed this post!
    I related to it a lot (:


    • I’m so glad to hear that! And I’m sorry you’ve been feeling some self-doubt – I think it happens to everyone at some point and it’s never a good feeling. I hope you’re feeling better about it day by day. ❤


  2. Except for 1, 4, and 10 (because I am never that satisfied with my own work–but satisfied enough to agree with 7…and then 8 when I am wrong), you’ve got me pegged exactly.
    Now I’ve got to go find other secret dreams since you told everyone. I loved this post. (I would put some emojis here….but I don’t have that function)


  3. 😂 i have some of these thoughts but never the ones on…”oh my post is amazing!” Just “omg its a mess!” I think I’m a pessimist by nature 😅

    But yeah the ones where ppl have been blogging for a shorter time than me and have a bajillion followers/views/likes its like….teaaaaach meeeeeeee how to be ass awesome 😍


    • Don’t worry, I totally get it. 😅 I’m the same – I wonder if it’s just that they came in at the right time? Like, the community’s in need of new bloggers and they just hit the right spot at the right time. I’m also like TEACH ME YOUR WAYS whenever I see that happen. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m just starting out and you mean to tell me this self doubt is going to continue???
    oh god.. 😦 the good news is so far I’m having fun and enjoying it so I will just keep pressing on! Great post! just what I needed!!


    • Welcome to the blogging community! And hey, you might be a special case. 😉

      And thank you, I’m glad! Fun is my number one reason for blogging so it’s great to hear that you’re finding it fun as well. ❤


  5. these are all true!! especially the blog envy and the wondering what am I doing? and is ANYONE reading this beautiful little thing??


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