Let’s Talk: Finding New Blogs to Follow


When you’re ultra-new to the world of book blogging, it seems like there could be no end to the blogs that you can read. When you’ve been doing it for a bit more than a year like me, it can feel like you’re looking at the same blogs over and over again… especially if you never look outside of your platform or your news feed. I admit it: I get lazy. 🙊

one more postThat is not to say, of course, that I get sick of what I’m seeing. Of course I love these blogs to bits and pieces — I’ve followed them for a while, I’ve made friends with the bloggers, I’ve come to know what books they like and what books they don’t — but occasionally, I just want something new. I want to hear a fresh voice. I want to see different layouts and post formats. I want to see, essentially, what else is out there.

Over the months I’ve been blogging, I’ve discovered some ways to… well, discover new blogs. Not all of them have proven to be 100% effective, 100% of the time, but they have, at least, been somewhat useful in always making sure I have new, interesting content to read. In no particular order, here they are. 💞

1) WordPress Tags

This is probably my main way of finding new blogs to follow: I enter a tag in the search bar and browse through the most recent posts, looking for anything that catches my eye. I think that’s pretty much how I found a majority of the blogs that I follow — they use the same tags that I keep track of.

→ Some of my favourite tags to follow: young adult, book reviews, book blog

2) Blog-hopping

himym-marshallThere are so many different ways to blog-hop, but the way I do it is mostly by clicking on a random blog on my Reader, looking at who comments on their posts, and checking out those commenters. If they’re interested in the blog I’m interested in, chances are they have similar interest to me as well. 😉

3) Memes

One of the main reasons why I love Top Ten Tuesday so much and followed it for so long is because it allows me to check out other blogs that do it too!

The Broke and Bookish has a link-up every week, and on days when I have a bit more time, I randomly click on some of them and check out what their blog is all about.

→ Some other memes you might want to get into: Top 5 Wednesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Diversity Spotlight Thursday, Standalone Sundays

4) Twitter

Ah, Twitter. Twitter is a bit of a gold mine for me — I don’t use it 24/7, don’t really tweet that much, and am mostly oblivious to what’s happening, but it’s been a great source of finding people to connect with and whose blogs I end up loving. 💖


In a way, I feel like Twitter is more personal than the blog, too: you don’t only get to see what someone’s blog is all about, sometimes you also get to see what they, as a person, are all about. What do they do on the weekends? What books are they reading? What food do they like? It’s the blogger, unedited. 🙏

→ Here’s my Twitter.

5) Bloglovin’

I’m actually really slack with using Bloglovin’ even though I’m forever planning to use it more, but any time I’m on it (maybe twice a month), I always end up finding posts I’m super interested in. Mostly this is when the bloggers I follow ‘save’ posts into their ‘collections’ — I just click on a blogger’s collection and go through the articles.

→ Here’s me on Bloglovin’.

6) Followers

friends hugs joey gifI don’t really keep track of my followers anymore, but back when I was still super new, I basically followed back every blog that followed me. Nowadays I’m a bit more selective: I’ve discovered what I like, and that is interaction, so when a follower interacts with me (i.e. a comment), I’m very likely to make the time to look at their blog eventually. Some of my best blogger friends I’ve met this way. 😘

7) Recommendations

That’s right — bloggers don’t just recommend books; they also recommend other blogs! And who better to know your taste and what you want to read than the bloggers you trust, hey? 😉

Here’s a Top Ten Tuesday list I wrote to recommend you some of my favourite bloggers. Some on that list, unfortunately, are no longer active, but my recommendation still stands for the rest! #noregrets

8) Search Engines

I was blind but now I see bradley cooper gifI usually use Google to find out about some of the more obscure, more underrated books that I have read, am reading, or plan to read, and this usually ends up with me finding blogs with similar reading tastes as mine. This is true for how people find my blog too — when I look at my traffic, 30.5% of my referrals come from search engines, whether it be Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or others. 🔎

8) Blog Features

I admit: I’m not involved in as many blogging features as I want, but the times I am involved have been great because I’ve found new blogs to follow. ✨

Case in point: the Book Bloggers Creativity Project earlier this year has led me to find other bloggers who also want to be more ~creative with their blogs. Hey, same interests!

10) Goodreads

I’m putting this last because while I love using Goodreads and am on it constantly to read reviews, it hasn’t really been a major way in which I discover new blogs. It has lead me to some blogs, yes, but I’m never really on it with the mindset of wanting new blogs to follow. 😂

→ Find me on Goodreads!

Now, let’s talk! 💚💙

  • How many blogs do you follow? How did you discover them?
  • Have you ever found it hard to find blogs you want to follow?
  • Do you go on blog-following (or blog-unfollowing) sprees?

This post is a part of Blogger’s Corner, a section on She Latitude dedicated to all things blogging. 

155 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Finding New Blogs to Follow

  1. I also use Twitter and blog-hopping to discover new blogs. I don’t spend enough time on it right now because life is busy but it feels good to have new blood on the reader feed once in a while 🙂 I used to use tags too to find new people but I guess I forgot after a while, haha, I should get back to it! Great post!


    • I’m the same! I used to use Twitter a lot more but nowadays I open it like twice a week, haha. I’ve been so bad, but I just don’t currently have the brain space to be on Twitter. I plan to do more blog-hopping and follow more blogs in the new year. 🙂


  2. The link ups on TTT posts was basically how I found all the people I started following when I first made my blog. So incredibly thankful for that feature, ahahaha. Now I mostly use Twitter and other people’s recs! Honestly, I haven’t really followed any new blogs in so long and I miss it. I really need to do some blog hopping and try to find more.


    • Is that how I found you (or you found me?)? I can’t remember! But yeah, TTT was such a great way to find new blogs. And hey, you’re not the only one – I’ve been super lazy nowadays but I’ve made it a blogging resolution for next year to follow more. Good luck to us. 🙂


  3. I have my hands full with the ones I follow now, but every once in awhile, I’ll see a meme dedicated to someone, so I’ll click on the creator and follow them. Posts may look the same after awhile but I can’t possible fathom trying to find more blogs because there are always new followers to follow back, lol!


    • With your dedication to reading EVERY post, I’m not surprised! 😂 If I do the same I’ll be crazy backlogged, but as it is I’ve let go a little and told myself it’s all good.

      And yeah, new followers is also a good way to find blogs you might like. Mutual follows are the best. 😉


  4. Ah, this is post is so great, Reg! I think what I use the most to find new blogs has been WP tags. And I don’t use Twitter and Bloglovin’ as much as I should, but I’m going to make a resolution to use them to their full potentials in 2017. Fingers crossed that I’ll make it happen. ^.^


    • Thank you, Summer! Yeah, WP tags were the first (and probably the main) thing I utilise too to find new blogs… and I’m the same with social media, and I’ve also thought about using it more in 2017. Good luck to both of us! 😉💞


  5. I just found your blog by looking through Bloglovin! I’m on a bit of a blog hunt at the moment- it’s one of my goals for 2017. I’ve been really lazy about finding blogs to read and its meant i’ve missed out on meeting some interesting people too. Memes look like a lot of fun- I might give one a go sometime!


  6. Thanks for the list, I will have to check out a few of those avenues myself 🙂 I’ve found instagram to be pretty good but its basically just tag searches but on a different platform. Otherwise I google specific topics and articles and check out any blogs that might surface.


  7. I love finding new blogs! But at the moment I’m having it quite hard to find some new one, the tags I type in just don’t come up with what I want. Blog hopping seems like a really cool idea that I will definitely use more (I did it at the very beginning but somehow managed to forget about it). I love reading your posts!


  8. As a newbie blogger, I greatly enjoyed this post. I’m still getting my footing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.


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