September Wrap Up || October TBR (2016)


We’re now officially into the last quarter of the year! Soon it’ll be 2017 and I’ll have to take a look at the list of blogging resolutions I made at the beginning of this year and judge myself against it, which is terrifying, considering I didn’t actually really stick to it. Oops. 🙈

In September, I finally joined the Bookstagram bandwagon. This has been a long time coming since when I started this blog I actually thought about it, except back then I felt like I wouldn’t have anything to take pictures of as I usually get ebooks and have no props (literally). I still get ebooks and have no props, but I do want to work on my photography skills, so here we are! You can find my bookstagram on @shelatitude_ (yes, with an underscore). 

Other than that, I’ve been watching a lot of TV because I have no self-control. Parks and Rec is my poison of choice at this moment, and I’m up to Season 5. 😂

As for the blog…

Book Reviews

Book Looks

Miscellaneous Posts

Around the Blogosphere

I’ve been a horrendous ball of suck at blog-hopping this month, so I didn’t manage to read as many posts as I’d have liked. Recommendations are welcome! 😊

Most Anticipated Reads

Moon Chosen – P. C. Cast

moon-chosen-pc-castMari is an Earth Walker, heir to the unique healing powers of her Clan; but she has cast her duties aside, until she is chosen by a special animal ally, altering her destiny forever. When a deadly attack tears her world apart, Mari reveals the strength of her powers and the forbidden secret of her dual nature as she embarks on a mission to save her people. It is not until Nik, the son of the leader from a rival, dominating clan strays across her path, that Mari experiences something she has never felt before…

Now, darkness is coming, and with it, a force, more terrible and destructive than the world has ever seen, leaving Mari to cast the shadows from the earth. By forming a tumultuous alliance with Nik, she must make herself ready. Ready to save her people. Ready to save herself and Nik. Ready to embrace her true destiny…and obliterate the forces that threaten to destroy them all.

How have I not heard of this book?! It sounds super cool! I’m getting an ARC from the publisher and can’t wait to tuck into it.

Blood for Blood – Ryan Graudin

Blood for Blood Ryan GraudinFor the resistance in 1950s Germany, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun.

Death camp survivor Yael, who has the power to skinshift, is on the run: the world has just seen her shoot and kill Hitler. But the truth of what happened is far more complicated, and its consequences are deadly. Yael and her unlikely comrades dive into enemy territory to try to turn the tide against the New Order, and there is no alternative but to see their mission through to the end, whatever the cost.

But dark secrets reveal dark truths, and one question hangs over them all: how far can you go for the ones you love?

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE. Wolf by Wolf was so good and if the reviews for this one are anything to go by, it’s even better.

Twisted Palace – Erin Watt

twisted-palace-erin-wattElla Harper has met every challenge that life has thrown her way. She’s tough, resilient, and willing to do whatever it takes to defend the people she loves, but the challenge of a long-lost father and a boyfriend whose life is on the line might be too much for even Ella to overcome.

Reed Royal has a quick temper and even faster fists. But his tendency to meet every obstacle with violence has finally caught up with him. If he wants to save himself and the girl he loves, he’ll need to rise above his tortured past and tarnished reputation.

No one believes Ella can survive the Royals. Everyone is sure Reed will destroy them all.
They may be right. With everything and everyone conspiring to keep them apart, Ella and Reed must find a way to beat the law, save their families, and unravel all the secrets in their Twisted Palace.

Ah, my rare NA read. I really enjoyed the previous two books and I hope this one is as crazy. 

I hope September has been great for you! ❤ Feel free to leave your Instagram accounts below so I can check them out — my feed is feeling lonely. 😉

75 thoughts on “September Wrap Up || October TBR (2016)

  1. Thank you sooo much for mentionning my post ❤
    I'm foolowing you on Instagram, and I'm impressed to know that you're just beginning you take good picture!
    As for anticipations, OH MY GOD BLOOD FOR BLOOD ! I cannot wait to have that book and devour it, I tyink I'll die from excitement before that happens hahahaha


  2. Looks like a great reading month! I’ve been wanting to start the Royals series soon! I had my doubts about it, but it has gotten so much praise I just need to check it out 🙂 Holding Up The Universe and Everything Leads To You are definitely on my TBR as well.
    And I’m following you on Instagram 😉 Also, I love the links to other blogs! Such a good way to share the love!


  3. I love when you post “Around the Blogosphere” because I find some really cool book bloggers to follow 😀 Moon Chosen also sounds like a really good book! I might have to add that on my TBR because I’ve ever heard of it before. The cover is gorgeous though!

    Happy Reading!

    Amber @ bibliomaniacbibliophile


  4. I’m so excited for your Instagram! I pretty much have the same problems as you but I’ve had an Instagram forever, and it has the same few pictures throughout haha
    Yay for Blood for Blood!! I really want to see what you think of Moon Chosen because I’ve read that author’s other series and you definitely would not like that one haha


    • Thanks, Sara! I knoooow, I actually don’t get that many physical books in general and have been using my phone to read, and my phone’s what I take pics with. Such a dilemma. 😂

      Oh noooo. What did you read and why wouldn’t I like it? 😰

      Liked by 1 person

      • I KNOW! That’s what happens to me! It’s so frustrating haha
        I read the Marked series which is like a 12 book series (that I haven’t finished) about vampires. The girl goes through like six guys in the series (maybe I’m exaggerating) but yeah it’s a bit intense haha


          • I think I’m exaggerating but it might be 4 which is still kind of a lot. But that series was co written with her daughter, who has her own series now. And she’s written other series on her own before so maybe this one will be different, hopefully


            • Hopefully it will be different! I’ve never heard of her (or her daughter, I assume) before though tbh I don’t think any author could write multiple love interests and develop them REALLY well. Like, it’s hard enough writing love triangles, you know? 😂

              Liked by 1 person

              • Well technically they weren’t all at the same time, it’s such a long series, and each one kind of had their moment. When I was younger it didn’t seem that big of a deal and it didn’t bother me but I’m not sure how I’d feel about it now. I’ll let you know in November when I start rereading to finish haha


                • Tbh I feel like depending how… quickly you get through the guys I can see dating like 4 guys over the span of your teenage years. Maybe even more, if they’re just “dating” and it’s not a full-fledged, long-term relationship. I guess I tend to be skeptical so I question a bit how “serious” her feelings are for each of those guys if she moves on from them quickly. 😂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • It definitely gets more complicated then it needs to be but it’s also not like constant bouncing from one to the other, and the world around her goes to shit real quick so it’s also not the primary focus of the story. I just remember being scandalized. And there’s like vampire shit mixed in which makes it weirder, idk I’ll have to see how I feel now that I’m older.
                    P.S. I’m trying to redesign my blog header and I want to shoot myself haha


  5. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Holding Up the Universe. It sounds interesting but at the same time, the blurb makes me feel kind of hesitant to read it because I remember there was a ton of controversy surrounding it. So I’ve been waiting to see some reviews before I decide whether I want to read it when it comes out 😛
    Also I FINALLY bought Wolf for Wolf because the ebook was on sale. I’ve been wanting to read this book since it first came out so I’m really excited that I finally have it haha
    Thanks for linking to my post, btw! I’ll definitely have to check out some of the other posts once I have time to do some blog-hopping.


    • No worries, Kourtni! I mean, there are definitely some things that could be better about Holding Up the Universe, but overall the writing was good enough for the pros to outweigh the cons, I think.

      I can’t WAIT for you to read Wolf by Wolf! I hope you like it. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Based on what I’ve heard about Wolf by Wolf so far, I don’t see how I could dislike it 😉 Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon!!


  6. Thanks for including our post😚❤️this is such an awesome wrap-up! And wooo I’m so glad you joined bookstagram! I’ll go check out your account now 🙂

    Ps I’m just curious about how you got the Jennifer Niven ARC? Because I really want to read that book😻



    • No worries, and thank you! I hope you enjoy my account. ❤

      As for the Jennifer Niven ARC, I requested it on NetGalley. It’s coming out pretty soon though – tomorrow? – so you’ll be able to read it pretty soon!


  7. I can’t believe we’re almost finished with 2016! It honestly feels like just yesterday it was January 1st. 😶
    Anyway, it looks like you had a great reading and blogging month! 😊
    I’m also really excited for Moon Chosen and I can’t wait to read your ARC review once you read it.
    Great wrap up!


    • I know! I can’t believe how fast time is flying – I can’t help but to feel like soon I’ll be really, really old and I’ll need to switch to like reading classics or something. 😂

      Thank you, Melissa! Hope you have a great October.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was thinking something similar to that the other day 😂. It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Although I have a feeling I’ll be reading YA with a few Adult books here and there forever. Some classics I just can’t get into haha.
        You’re welcome and I hope you do too! 😊


        • It does! I’m not a huge classics reader myself – I’m like in my 20s and I’m still reading stuff about teenagers, haha. Sometimes I wish the New Adult genre has more of what I’m facing (i.e. adulting and stuff) and some books definitely do, but they also come with a lot of romance and sex that I don’t always care for. 🙈

          Liked by 1 person

          • Same! I’ll be 23 in a few weeks and still riding the YA train. And my mom is in her 40’s and reads everything I do. 😂
            I feel like it’s because a lot of the themes you find in YA can be universal in the sense of age. Where as, like you said, NA stuffs a lot of romance and sex where it doesn’t always need to. And as for Adult books sometimes they can be a bit unrealistic. Which is odd because you would think that would all be reversed and sometimes it is but a lot of the times it isn’t.


            • It’s great that your mum reads the same things you do – makes for great convo fodder! My mum generally reads regency romance, which I do too, but neither of us have read that genre lately. 😛

              I’m actually not entirely sure why ‘adult’ books don’t appeal to me. Like, I’m not opposed to reading it theoretically… but maybe I just don’t know where to start. The YA book community is so active online that it’s easy as to get recommendations, and now that I know what I like, it’s even better.

              Liked by 1 person

              • It really does! Plus, I love sending books her way that I know she’ll freak out over. Her reactions are perfect 😂.
                For me, I think it has a lot to do with having not enjoyed the few adult books I have read which makes me hesitant. But it could also be that fact. It’s definitely easier to get YA recommendations. I actually follow a blogger who regularly reviews adult books. It’s mostly thrillers but I’ve added a lot to my TBR that I hoped to get around to someday. 😊
                I could give you her blog link, if you want.


  8. Everyone’s joining bookstagram but me, ahah. I admire you and all of these people with the patience and talent to take wonderful pictures of their books ❤ And I think I'm already following you, and I can't wait to see more of your pictures 🙂
    It seems like you had a great blogging month, I am always amazed of all the blog posts you put together every month 🙂


  9. I can’t believe it’s October, it’s crazy how fast the year has gone! Ah I love bookstagram, it’s so much fun! That Halloween readathon sounds really awesome – I think I’ll give it a go!


    • I knoooow, it’s crazy! I hope you join the Halloween readathon – I’m not joining because I’m horrendously bad with things outside my schedule and need to plan, like, months in advance, but I’m really excited to see how it turns out. 😊


  10. It looks like it was a good blogging month for you!

    I hadn’t heard of Moon Chosen until now either, it sounds interesting! Have you read any of P. C. Casts books before? I tried her vampire series but I lost interest three books in because it got a bit crazy and far fetched… But I’m willing to try this to see if it gets better than her last series.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


    • Thanks! I haven’t, actually – this is the first I’ve heard of her. Someone else told me about the vampire series and the general consensus I’m getting is that it’s just not that good of a series. I certainly hope Moon Chosen is better! 😂


      • Well for starters, in the first chapter of the first book of her vampire series, the MC sees her future love interest getting a blow job in the middle of the corridor!! I was literally just like ‘wtf?!’ in the FIRST CHAPTER?! In an open space that just ANYONE could walk past?! And I don’t know how 13 year olds, which would be the age that would be reading that series, would feel about that first chapter…

        That should have been the first warning sign lol.


        • Oh wow, that’s really graphic! And in public, too… actually that makes me want to read that first chapter just so I can see for myself how realistic/unrealistic it feels in the moment.

          So true! Well, I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this series will be better. 😂


  11. I’m so excited for Twisted Palace as well. I can’t even imagine how this book will be crazier than the previous two, but I’m sure these authors have something up their sleeves. Did you hear that their may be a spin off series? I’m a betting it has to do with the other brothers and I NEED EASTON TO GET HIS OWN STORY!


  12. Followed you on instagram! My username also uses underscore because the regular one is already taken :’) I also sucked at bloghopping last month, especially for the last week because I had a lot of more important things to do and I felt guilty for blogging haha but I’m trying to catch up now! I’m also really looking forward to Twisted Palace! Can’t wait to see what Erin Watt has in mind for the last installment ❤ have a great October, Reg! 😀


    • Thanks, I’ll follow back when I get on it! Oh noooo, haha. You know what’s embarrassing about mine is that I actually had the right username, I just deleted it aaaages ago and I can’t get it back since it’s their policy. So it’s pretty dumb.

      Have a great October too, Puput! Hope Twisted Palace is worth our wait. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Reg! I’m so sorry this comes so late, but thank you so much for sharing my The Sociology Of post! You are an angel.

    And oh my goodness, you are my blogging goals. You posted so much this month – go you! Teach me your secretssss (I’m struggling and I’m only posting 8 posts a month sigh).


    • That’s okay! I commented on that post of yours because I was SO IN AWE but I think it’s been eaten by the spam box. ;_;

      And thank you! Tbh I’ve drafted so many reviews that some weeks I don’t even write anything anymore, just click Publish. It’s all in the planning. What I’m curious about is how those bloggers who post daily do it – I can barely keep up some days. 😂


      • I FOUND YOUR COMMENT! It WAS in spam (I have no idea why it was there too, since you’ve posted on my blog so many times before?!) so it should show up now! Thank you so much for telling me, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t mentioned it!

        AHH girl, I want to get on your level some day. At the moment I feel like I’m treading the surface and I’m starting to sink?? X’D I have no idea either, but I have so much respect for them.


        • Yay! Yeah, there was a time when Akismet basically blocked all of my comments and marked them as spam, haha. They’ve fixed it now, but when I asked they said they can’t tell me why it happened. 😂

          I think it’s OK to post as much as you do! Like, whatever works for you, right? There’s no standard for blogging that any of us has to adhere to except our own. 💕

          Liked by 1 person

  14. Great recap for last month Reg, also welcome to the bookstagram bandwagon. I think I’m following you but I will have to double check just to make sure. Also it looks like you had a great reading month, and hopefully next month will be good for you as well. Also I am so so excited to finally get around to Blood for Blood, hopefully that’ll be soon because I have it on my shelf just waiting for me to pick it up, same with a few other of my most anticipated releases! Moon Chosen sounds really good as well, I may have to look that one up! 😀


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