Top Ten Podcasts You Should Listen To


Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, guys! This week’s theme is an ‘all about audio’ freebie, and I’ve decided to do one on podcasts, because my loves, these things are a beauty. Now, I didn’t really manage to make it to ten because I’m kind of new to the podcasts game… but it just means that your recommendations will be much appreciated, so fire away if you have any! 💖

There are two main times when I listen to podcasts: the first is at work, when I have a bit of admin work ahead of me, and the second is when I exercise — mostly because I need something to distract me from THE BURN IN MY LUNGS and THE PAIN IN MY LEGS.

Every workout session goes the same way to me: I talk myself into doing it, and I talk myself into it as I’m doing it, and I talk myself into believing that it was a GREAT SESSION!! when I’m done. The distraction that podcasts give me? Desperately needed and kind of a lifesaver. Here are my favourites. 😊

1) Dear Sugar

dear-sugar-radio-wbur-podcastThe universe has good news for the lost, lonely and heartsick. Dear Sugar is here, and speaking straight into your ears. Hosted by the original Sugars, Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, the podcast fields all your questions — no matter how deep or dark — and offers radical empathy in return.

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s no secret how much I love Cheryl Strayed’s writing and advice book (Tiny Beautiful Things), and this podcast, which she hosted with Steve Almond, is so compassionate, so beautiful, and so heart-warming.

CHECK OUT: Wedding Drama, Part 1: Great Expectations, out June 3, 2016 (37 mins):

It’s wedding season, and the Sugars have been getting all kinds of letters that reflect the anxiety and expectation that accompany preparations for the big day. They take on all forms of wedding drama — from a difficult in-law demanding extra invitations to a homophobic mom at a gay wedding to a dramatic friend of the bride who’s making it all about herself.

2) Modern Love

modern-love-wbur-podcastModern Love: The Podcast features the popular New York Times column, with readings by notable personalities and updates from the essayists themselves. Join host Meghna Chakrabarti (WBUR) and Modern Love editor Daniel Jones (NYT) — and fall in love at first listen.

WHY I LOVE IT: I love personal pieces and life stories and Modern Love, the New York Times column, is definitely one of my favourite columns of all time. When it’s read out to you and comes with discussions and updates from the writers? EVEN BETTER! 🎉

CHECK OUT: ‘How I Got To Here’ | Modern Love 20, out May 25, 2016 (20 mins):

Katie Couric reads Leslie Lehr’s Modern Love essay about learning the true depth of her relationship with her husband.

3) The Split Book Reviews

the-split-book-reviews-podcastYoung adult fiction authors Bryan Cohen and Robert Scanlon read and review a book each week from the reader and writer perspective. Readers can find new books to check out. Writers can learn more about the craft from two accomplished authors!

WHY I LOVE IT: These two talk about three things every episode: why they like (or dislike) the book, what’s good (and bad) about it, and more importantly, what authors can learn from it. They’re actually no longer producing new episodes — I’m SO HEARTBROKEN, you guys — but there are 60 to listen to, so you’ll still be entertained a while.

CHECK OUT: Episode 20 – The Selection by Kiera Cass, out March 11, 2015 (22 mins):

If Robert had to pick between 36 books to find a lifetime companion, The Selection wouldn’t be anywhere near the top! Check out Bryan and Robert’s review of The Selection by Kiera Cass.

4) The Binge

the-binge-mamamia-podcastTV has never given us so much to talk about, but it’s never been more difficult to discuss. You’re either two seasons ahead or two seasons behind, you’re saving last night’s show to binge-watch later, or you’re Team Masterchef and your office-wife is Team MKR. The Binge is a safe space for anyone who loves TV.

WHY I LOVE IT: I’m actually not a big TV person in general, but this year I’ve been watching more and more TV than ever before (goodbye, free time), and The Binge helps me ‘deal’ with my ~TV feelings~. You get insider news as well because they do interviews with reality TV stars and other TV personnel. 😉

CHECK OUT: Bach Chat Week 3: Babies, Bunk Beds & Fake Roses, out August 10, 2016 (20 mins):

The life of a Bachelorette isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This week on Bach Chat, Laura, Amy and Jo are joined by former Bachelor contestant Penny Palman. And of course, Penny lets us know what really goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling. Like the fact that the roses in the garden are FAKE. And how many bunk beds are in one room (Hint, A LOT).

5) The Well

the-well-mamamia-podcastWant to live a happier, healthier life, without the woo-woo, the hours of meditation, or adult colouring-in books? Join radio and TV host Robin Bailey and author Rebecca Sparrow as they roadtest techniques for a better, happier, and more meaningful life.Whether it’s relationships, work, families, exercise or your life admin that needs a lift, learn the habits, tips and tricks to make your life happier and more meaningful, day to day.

WHY I LOVE IT: This comes with the ~personal stories~ angle that I love so much, and the hosts discuss life issues in such an honest, realistic way. It doesn’t have a lot of episodes yet so binging it takes, like, several hours, but the episodes that are out are so good, I’m really enjoying it. 😊

CHECK OUT: Friendships: The Good, The Bad and The Toxic, out May 24, 2016 (27 mins):

Friends are the sunshine of life. But like sunshine, they can either radiate their goodness on you, or burn the crap out of you if you’re not careful. With everyone craving quality connections, how do you find new friends? We roadtest the theory that friendships only last 7 years before you rotate into new ones. And how do you let go of a friend who makes you feel crap?

What’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments!


68 thoughts on “Top Ten Podcasts You Should Listen To

  1. I love podcasts. I recommend Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert. Terrible Thanks for Asking by Nora McInerny and the Hilarious World of Depression by by John Moe. I have lots more of you need more. The big listen is a podcast all about podcasts. I’ve reviewed magic lessons on my blog and will have the other ones featured soon.


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