Top Ten Favourite Television Series


Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, guys! This week’s theme is television, so we’re going to look at some of my favourite TV shows on this post. As you can probably tell friom this list, I’m not that much into the heavy stuff when it comes to TV series. 😛

1) Friends (1994–2004)

friends hugs joey gif

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Six twenty-somethings live remarkably close to each other for at least, like, 10 years of their lives. They spend tons of their time chilling and drinking coffee.

WHAT TO LOVE: Come on, who’s surprised to see this here? It’s hilarious, guys. I’m not sure what it is exactly about this show, but I’ve watched this show at least like seven times back-to-back and can mouth the words, yet I’m still entertained.

2) Accidentally on Purpose (2009–2010)

jon foster abs accidentally on purpose gif

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A woman in her thirties gets accidentally pregnant from a one-night-stand with a cute, younger dude. He moves in to help her.

WHAT TO LOVE: It only has one season, so it’s not too much of a good thing. It’s cute, funny, and just super feel-good. Plus Jon Foster (who plays the aforementioned cute, younger dude) is really nice to look at.

3) Elementary (2012– )

elementary cleanliness gif

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Mystery

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Sherlock Holmes and Joan (not John!) Watson solving crimes in modern day Manhattan.

WHAT TO LOVE: It’s not the most mysterious, dramatic or thrilling of crime/mystery shows, but the Sherlock/Joan relationship in this one is adorable. All that subtle cues that they actually care for each other just about kill me.

4) Modern Family (2009– )

gryffindor harry potter modern family gif

GENRE: Comedy

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A clan with three very different families get involved in all kinds of family-related shenanigans.

WHAT TO LOVE: I found this show honestly a bit hard to get into at first, but once I got past that hurdle and fell in love with the characters, I started enjoying this show so much more. My favourite character is Mitch. 😛

→ Totally unrelated but you should all watch this Ellen haunted house video starring Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam in Modern Family.

5) Criminal Minds (2005– )

i kind of love you derek morgan criminal minds gif

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Mystery

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: The FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) profiles the nation’s most dangerous crimes and serial killers and try to stop ‘em before they murder off their next victim.

WHAT TO LOVE: It’s veeeery dark and violent and intense. There are tons of close calls and tons of missed opportunities, it actually gets kind of depressing. But it’s super interesting.

→ Mandy Patinkin, who starred as a main character in some of the earlier seasons, actually left the show because he felt the show was too destructive and dark.

6) Jessica Jones (2015– )

jessica jones rude gif

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Jessica Jones, a superhero with super strength, becomes a private investigator. She’s got a terrible temper, a bad case of PTSD, and whole bucketfuls of self-loathing.

WHAT TO LOVE: Kilgrave (the villain) is amazing, and David Tennant is super convincing as him that I actually hate him a little bit. He’s got compulsion powers — he can control literally anyone with his words — but all he wants, really, is just Jessica with him. No thanks to world domination!

7) UnREAL (2015– )

this job is satan's ass gif unreal

GENRE: Drama

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: The lives and tales of the producers behind Everlasting, a The Bachelor-like TV show.

WHAT TO LOVE: I was honestly expecting this show to be funny and light-hearted, but it’s really not. It’s dark, depressing, and frankly kind of disturbing to watch. It has also made me see reality TV in a whole new way. So much manipulation. So much artificial drama.

8) The Bachelor (2002– ) / The Bachelorette (2003– )

50 shades of crazy caila the bachelor

GENRE: Reality, Romance

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Twenty plus men or women vie for the attention of one girl or guy. Every episode some people get eliminated by The Bachelor(ette) and the winner usually gets engaged to them.

WHAT TO LOVE: Australia’s on its fourth season and this is my first time following it, but it’s trashy, mindless TV at its best, you guys. Disregard how sexist this whole show is and how actually absolutely stupid — all I can say is that I am 100% guilty of purposefully scheduling my dinner dates and outings so I can sit in front of the TV and catch every new episode as it airs.

→ The winner (and designated villain) of American’s Bachelor Season 16, Courtney Robertson, wrote a memoir called I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, which I would recommend if you’re nosy like me.
→ An Australian contestant spills what happens behind the scenes in this podcast.

9) My Kitchen Rules (2010– )

zana gianni my kitchen rules gif

GENRE: Reality, Cooking

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Australia’s amateur home cooks invite judges and other contestants into their home for dinner! They compete in groups of two.

WHAT TO LOVE: I’m not gonna lie, it’s more the drama that makes this show delicious rather than the food. Somehow it calls out that part of me that enjoys watching people rip each other off on national television for entertainment…

→ Listen to this podcast for insider info about the show.

10) MasterChef Australia (2009– )

masterchef australia

GENRE: Reality, Cooking

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: It’s a cooking competition where contestants get challenged and judged by renowned food critics, chefs and judges.

WHAT TO LOVE: The food looks pretty fucking amazing, and those desserts make me want to die. Probably not stuff you’ll ever cook unless you’re, well, competing in a cooking show.

What’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments!

79 thoughts on “Top Ten Favourite Television Series

  1. FRIENDS is also one of my favorite tv show! And I agree, I enjoy My Kitchen Rules because beside of the delicious food, there are a lot of drama in it 😀 Also Masterchef Australia! The latest season is definitely the hardest, and all the contestants are amazing! Not to mention the judges are really kind and constructive and of course, Shannon Bennet xD


    • I’ve watched more reality TV this year than all the previous years combined and omg, I love all the drama. No wonder they capitalise on having loud, opinionated contestants – the clashes are always so fun to watch on TV.

      Masterchef is one of those things I actually watch for the food. It’s so… elegant, compared to MKR. 😂


  2. I enjoyed your list but I have to admit, I hate reality TV. There, with that out of the way I do like Friends. It’s okay but I wouldn’t really go out of my way to watch it. On the other hand I love Modern Family. I haven’t missed an episode yet. I would add The Middle to the list. It’s about a family struggling financially with plenty of comedy. Thanks for the list, it was fun.


    • Fair enough, reality TV is definitely not for everyone! I actually just got into it earlier this year, and I think what amazes me more than anything else is the quality of the editing. Some programs do it really well. 😂

      I haven’t heard of The Middle until you mentioned it and now I gotta check it out! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Of course, Friends has to get the top spot, it really is the greatest show!
    Haven’t watched many of your other choices, but nice to see someone else who loved Accidentally on Purpose! I was thinking about that show recently but had forgotten the name of it. Thanks for reminding me, I may need to go back and watch it again!


  4. I am with you on 3 of your list. DEFINITELY Friends, that show is everything I need. Love Elementary and Modern Family also. I will have to check out Accidentally on Purpose. Simply because… ABS!


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