BBCP 2016: Match Made in the Pages Part 2

match-made-in-the-pages-bbcp2016-part 2

Happy Friday, guys! I’m one day late but I’m still super excited to show you the second part of Team Periwinkle’s Book Blogger Creativity Project (BBCP) 2016: Match Made in the Pages! Here’s a recap, if you missed the introduction post last week:

MATCH MADE IN THE PAGES is a two-part feature where I’ll be setting up one of my favourite characters on a blind date with characters from other books — with your help. 😈

Part 1:  I’ll be asking my character a couple of questions to get to know them and see what kind of things they might like.

Part 2: In a week, I’ll be taking the character you suggested and imagine the kinds of dates they will enjoy (or not) with my character! You’re here right now. 🙂

My chosen character was Kell from V. E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic, and his match is Lady Jane Grey from My Lady Jane! Instead of a date, I actually ended up with something resembling a life story instead, but here we go:

Kell + Jane
(I tried.)

i. They meet at a park. It’s a nice day — the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the sky is blue — and Jane is reading a book called God Speaking Through Cats: The Holy Language of Felines.

ii. Jane’s mother spots Lord Kell first and, aware of who he is and his position in society, asks him to meet Jane. He is reluctant at first, but Lady Frances Brandon Grey’s persistence is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to finding Jane a match.

iii. Their first date is a stroll around the park right that evening. Kell, surprising no one, isn’t a talker, so the responsibility falls on Jane’s shoulders to make sure that they actually converse. She tells him about the chapter she is reading (titled Are Cats Actually Human? And Other Dialogues) and it is here that Kell finally — finally — offers a small smile.

iv. When he does, Jane thinks to herself: I win. She smiles back, feeling encouraged, and from then on, he actually responds. Not initiate, mind. But he responds.

Kell by squidwithelbows

Image: squidwithelbows via Tumblr

v. They become friends. Well, friends-ish, because Jane thinks that friends are always honest to each other, and Kell definitely has secrets he doesn’t intend to share with her . . . and she, too, has secrets she wants to keep. At least for now.

vi. Their second date is to the library. Chaperoned, of course, but when your chaperone is a very distracted, very in-disguise Prince Rhy, there are only a few things you cannot do.

vii. Jane’s biggest worry is that Kell will get hurt. He is away often, and some days it feels to her as if he is in a different universe entirely. He brings her books, though — usually in different languages, telling of histories she’s never dreamed of before — and sometimes, just sometimes, it’s enough.

viii. At their wedding, Jane pulls her mother aside and thanks her. If it weren’t for Lady Frances Brandon Grey and her renowned persistence, this match likely will never have happened.

ix. Kell doesn’t tell Jane that night. He doesn’t even tell her that month. Instead, he tells her the day she notices the fading scars on his forearm — paler and paler still, now that he doesn’t travel as often — and lets her look at them. Really look at them.

x. She tells him too, that same day. Then, of course, she shows him.

xi. Kell’s favourite things about Jane include: her smiles (how generously she gives them, how high the corners of her lips could turn), her eyes (the flecks of gold when they catch the sun, the way they light up when she’s happy), her candidness (this is definitely, definitely not what he would ever expect from her).

xii. She turns back. He laughs. She laughs. Then they go about life.

xiii. Kell’s scars fade further, but they don’t disappear. She lays a kiss on them every night, telling him that it’ll heal them faster. He scoffs in his classic Kell style . . .

xiv. . . . and sulkily eats his words when, years and years and years later, she turns out to be right.

xv. When Jane feels like it, she reads to Kell. Today they are at the park again, and the book she has on her lap is titled So Your Son is a Horse: Coping with Your Child’s Confusing Life. He smiles, exactly like the first time, and Jane, also exactly like the first time, smiles back and thinks: I win.


Meet Team Periwinkle
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Book Blogger Creativity Project is an initiative by Nori @ ReadWriteLove28 that aims to help book bloggers everywhere get their creative juices flowing! You can read about it more here. 😊

20 thoughts on “BBCP 2016: Match Made in the Pages Part 2

  1. I would never be creative enough to do something like this haha. This is brilliant, Reg! I haven’t read My Lady Jane yet, but I’ve heard lots of great things. I also read the first part because I missed it when you posted it and you got Kell and Rhy’s characters so perfect!


    • Thanks, Lauren! It was super fun (and also hard, surprisingly) to write both posts but I’m glad I did it, haha. And I have to recommend My Lady Jane if historical humour is your kind of thing – it was really fun and entertaining. 😀


  2. Awwh this is so cute! ❤ I haven't read either of their books, but I love your take on this match and the concept for this second post. 😀


  3. I’m so jealous that you have the creative skills to put something like this together! I love what you ended up doing with this, and enjoyed reading this so much Reg 🙂 “and sulkily eats his words when, years and years and years later, she turns out to be right.” was my favorite part!


  4. Ahh this sounds like such a cute story for both Jane and Kell (though I think in terms of their books I can’t see Kell with anyone but Lila and Jane with anyone but Gifford (although that book Jane gave to Kell at the end, So Your Son is a Horse: Coping with Your Child’s Confusing Life, really made me laugh!)).
    Still I loved reading their story, I do think those two characters would work together really well if they ever did meet in their stories (however unlikely that may be). I think it’s great how you came up with this as well, it must have taken a lot of work as well because I wouldn’t even know where to start but I think you did a great job, I loved reading both your posts for BBCP! 😀


    • Thanks, Beth! It was actually surprisingly difficult – I used to write a bit of fanfic back in the day and assumed it’d be the same, but I’m so out of practice now that it took a couple of different tries before I got the start that I wanted. I’m glad I did it though, because it ended up really fun.

      And yeah, I don’t feel so strongly about Gifford/Jane but I still think that Lila is best for Kell. Every time I think about them I just get super giddy inside. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s all right. And well, in spite of the difficulties I think it turned out brilliantly! Also I guess if you were out of practice writing fanfiction it would be difficult to get back into it for something like this. It certainly sounded like a lot of fun though.
        I can’t imagine anyone but Lila for Kell and anyone but Kell for Lila. I can’t wait to see more of them in the third book! 😀


  5. I haven’t read My Lady Jane so I feel like some of the nuances in her character are lost on me (I SHALL RECTIFY THIS SOON THOUGH), but GAH, this is cute. It’s clear you put so much thought into this, Reg!! And I love that. *U* I loved reading this!

    Also – ‘Kell, surprising no one, isn’t a talker’ LMAO his character in a few words. ❤


    • YEEES READ IT, CW. It’s a really good book – very entertaining and not too heavy, which is perfect when you just don’t want to think too much or be too tense. 😛

      And thank you so much for your kind words! It was SO DIFFICULT to write this and kind of intimidating, but I’m glad I did. ❤


  6. Awwww this is so wonderful. I really need to read My Lady Jane, she seems adorable. And Kell would totally smuggle books as token of his love. Rhy would be a terrible chaperone, as he would be too busy flirting with the hot librarian rather than chaperoning. ❤


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