BBCP 2016: Match Made in the Pages Part 1

Match Made in the Pages BBCP2016

Helloooo, guys, and happy Thursday! I’m super excited to introduce to you today Team Periwinkle’s Book Blogger Creativity Project (BBCP) 2016: Match Made in the Pages! What is it, you ask? Well…

MATCH MADE IN THE PAGES is a two-part feature where I’ll be setting up one of my favourite characters on a blind date with characters from other books — with your help. 😈

Part 1:  I’ll be asking my character a couple of questions to get to know them and see what kind of things they might like. It’s this post you’re reading!

Part 2: In a week, I’ll be taking the characters you suggested and imagine the kinds of dates they will enjoy (or not) with my character!

The character I picked, unsurprisingly, is Kell from V. E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series. Because we know that Kell is a man of very few words, I’ve got his brother, Prince Rhy, to sit in with us for this interview. Let’s get started! 🙂

Basic Information
Read: What I discovered by stalking Tumblr and Wiki.

NAME: Kell
HAIR COLOUR: Reddish brown
EYE COLOUR: Blue (left), black (right)

The seven deadly questions.

1) What do you do for work?

Kell ADSOM Fanart Victoria Ying

Image: victoriaying via Tumblr

Kell: I’m… let’s just say I’m a messenger. I spend most of my time delivering the King and Queen’s missives to other kingdoms 
Rhy: That’s one way of putting it.
Kell: — and the rest of the time, I keep the prince out of trouble.
Rhy: Hey!
Kell: It’s true, and you know it.

2) What do you look for in a relationship?

Rhy: Companionship. Adventure. Someone who keeps him on his toes.
Kell: The correct answer is I don’t know. I haven’t given it much thought, I haven’t had the time… but companionship would be nice, I suppose.

3) What is your biggest weakness?

Kell: … I guess I can be a little stubborn.
Rhy: A little?
Kell: Okay, I can be quite stubborn.
Rhy: And?
Kell: And what?
Rhy: That’s not your only biggest weakness! Here, I can answer that better for you: you scowl a lot, you’re pessimistic and a downer, you don’t respect authority, you have a temper and get angry really easily, you’re unnecessarily overprotective, you hold grudges, and you… why are you looking at me like that?
Kell: Let’s move on.

4) What do you fear most?
Kell: Death, now more than ever.

5) What is a goal that you are working on right now?
Kell: Not dying.

6) If you have to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
Kell: Exhausted. 
Rhy: Angsty…
Kell: Restless.
Rhy: Broody…
Kell: And right now, annoyed.
Rhy: … but caring. Really caring, and really good.
Kell: That’s more than three words, Rhy.

7) What is your ultimate dream?
Kell: To be free.
Rhy: Much deep. So inspire. 

Who will you choose for Kell?
Other than Lila, of course, but that’s kind of a given. 😂

Kestrel from the Winner’s trilogy, because they will be well-matched in intelligence?
Jane from My Lady Jane, so her optimism and good humour will rub off on him?
Vika from The Crown’s Game, because a love triangle’s so overrated and a love square is now trendy?

… or someone else from another book of your choosing?

Meet Team Periwinkle
And matchmake the characters they’ve chosen! 💖

Cilla | Annalise | Nori | Zoey | Michelle

Book Blogger Creativity Project is an initiative by Nori @ ReadWriteLove28 that aims to help book bloggers everywhere get their creative juices flowing! You can read about it more here. 😊

44 thoughts on “BBCP 2016: Match Made in the Pages Part 1

  1. Omg, Reg, this character interview has me cackling 😂😂😂. I haven’t read any of the books mentioned above, but based on your descriptions of the characters, I would go with Kestrel. I would want to sit in on that dinner date to witness the back and forth banter as both these characters try to outwit each other.


  2. That interview had me giggling for some time! I have to say Jane, just because I want to watch Kell be a total downer, and Jane warm up to him… It’ll be fun to watch Jane say something, and have Kell reply with a totally pessimistic comment, and for the turning point to arrive when Kell is like, “hey, I like this girl”. Opposites attract.. Right?


  3. Oh wow this was such an amazing character interview, you really managed to capture both of the characters personalities as well with your questions and their answers. Some of the back and forth between Rhy and Kell in your interview made me laugh a little as well, especially Rhy’s comment to Kell’s last question!
    I would recommend Jane to pair with Kell, just because they are a little different. I do think Kell and Vika and Kell and Kestrel would be too similar but Jane and Kell would have a lot more, I dunno, tension between them which would make reading their adventures a lot more fun in my opinion.
    Great post, I seriously loved reading this! 😀


  4. Like I can’t see anyone but Lila with Kell. How can you suggest otherwise?!?
    But seriously. That interview is hilarious and you captured Rhy and Kell’s relationship so well!
    I haven’t read any of the books from which the female characters are from so I won’t put it a vote but I can’t wait to see the next post!


  5. What a clever interview! Having Rhy sit in was brilliant, super fun. Your ideas for Kell’s love connections were awesome. I’m struggling to think of who be a good match for him because, in a way, Kell’s kind of guarded about his personality even when we’re in his 3rd POV head. Just based on what I know about him, I’d go with . . . Ling Chan from Lair of Dreams because she’s smart and loves traveling to dream worlds (maybe other Londons too?) Yes, I think Ling and Kell would be kind of an amazing match.


    • Thanks, Eve! I completely agree with you – Kell is very guarded and we’re not given a lot even when reading from his side. He’s quite hard to get to know.

      I haven’t read Lair of Dreams yet but that short description you gave of Ling makes it sound so interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This feature is so interesting! I love that you chose Kell the black-eyed prince because <3<3<3 and you definitely got into characters because that's exactly the way I imagine Rhy and Kell would talk! 😛 I shipped Kell and Lila SO BAD so right know I can't think of another girl being with him. And among the three girl of your choices, I only know about Kestrel and I don't think Kestrel is the right girl for him because they're both too… stubborn? Serious? I don't know, I mean Lila is super stubborn too but relationship between Kell and Kestrel seems less fun hahaha so… not her. Can't wait to see the girl you choose for him 😛 great post!


    • Thanks! He’s one of my favourite characters, so it’s just natural. 😀

      You could actually choose other characters from other books as well, I honestly should’ve made that clearer on my post… I wonder if Shazi would be a good fit? I can see why you’d say Kestrel is too stubborn – she definitely is, and compared to Lila, she’s less… wicked? Less mischievous? So I feel like if her with Kell will end up with both of them being all serious.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhh yes I noticed that, it was just I didn’t have anyone in mind back then?hahaha I think Shazi might do well with him! But I’m a canon shipper so I much prefer Shazi with Khalid LOL what about… Blue Sargent from The Raven Cycle? Or is she too sharp?


        • I haven’t read a lot of The Raven Cycle (just the first book), and that was a while ago, so my memory of her is very fuzzy! I’m generally a canon shipper too but I have no problem imagining non-canon couples, haha – I just pretend. 😛

          Liked by 1 person

  7. This was ridiculous fun read!👍 Totally made me laugh out loud!!!! I’ve not read the book yet but I might have to 😂 I’m not sure how well you’ve managed to capture the characters, but if they’re really anything like this it is a book I’ve gotta pick up 😁


  8. This interview made me giggle. 😀 I haven’t read the series he’s from, but based on that description, I’m thinking Ginny Weasley. She knows all about stubborn men and can hold her own in an adventure (hard not to with the family she has!). I look forward to the date, whoever you choose for him! ^_^


    • I’m glad it did! I highly recommend ADSOM, especially knowing that you enjoyed Vicious quite a bit. 😛

      Thanks, Cilla! I might pick a couple of characters just to see what I could come up with. It’ll be fun. ❤


  9. AH OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO COOL! The interview was so adorable HAHA I love it. I can absolutely imagine Kell saying all those things.
    I’m not very good at shipping (I never ship??? I’m a weird one) but I don’t see Kell with Kestrel!! I don’t see Kell engaging Kestrel intellectually, and I think Kestrel would be a person that likes to debate and argue. I think Kell, in those instances, would just roll over on the floor. X’D
    I haven’t read The Crown’s Game or My Lady Jane, so I can’t say much on those. :c BUT. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE RESULTS!!


    • Thanks! I thought if it was just Kell doing the interview it’ll be very… wooden. He doesn’t make for an interesting interviewee, and I can’t see him being as charming as Rhy. 😛

      Actually, you’re right – to be honest I think Kestrel is a lot more strategic and less reckless than Kell is, haha. I wonder how they’ll bounce off one another, but Kell rolling over on the floor is something that I see happening…


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