Top Ten Bookish Facts About Me


Hello and Happy Top Ten Tuesday, you guys! This week’s theme is ‘facts about me’, but I thought we should narrow it down and just talk about bookish stuff you might find interesting about me.

Writing out this list was actually surprisingly hard, especially because I felt like I had done a similar post with my blogger confessions TTT a few weeks back, but hey, I managed! Here we go. 🙂

1) I was in a three-year reading slump once.

I’ve mentioned this quite a bit, but just for more clarity: Once I read about 150+ books in a year, a mixture of regency romance and YA, and it sent me into a really bad reading slump that lasted about three years until maybe mid-2015.

I’ve since learned not to force myself and take it easy with reading. Most people I know have tips and tricks on how to get over slumps but personally speaking only time is an actual solution for me.

2) I borrow from the library a lot. A LOT.

I’m a member of two libraries with 12 local branches, 4 of which are within a 30-minute walk from my place, and I try to borrow as much as I can from any of them. Currently I have about library 6 books, which doesn’t seem like a lot but is actually SUPER HEAVY when I’m lugging them from tram to tram.

Also I’m kind of saving for the future so I try not to spend too much on the present… except on clothes and food. I love books a lot, but my self-control disappears when it comes to buying coats, shoes, or snacks. Heeey. 😀

3) I don’t buy print books very often.

The last print book I remember buying was Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff and the purchase happened sometime early 2015 or late 2014 — it’s been that long, and it happens so rarely that I actually can’t recall when the last time I bought a print book was!

I just don’t have a lot of space where I can keep print books, and I kind of prefer e-books anyway just because I can highlight, write notes, and bookmark them without actually blemishing the book… so I really only buy print books when I really, really, REALLY love the story. Then I’ll grab all the print books. 😛

4) I’m warming up to audiobooks.

My first audiobook ever was Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass, which I ‘read’ half on a library book and the other half on an audiobook. I didn’t like the narration nor the actual story, but at that time it was enough to put me off audiobooks for a while… at least until I started listening to Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance, which was funny, easy, and really well-narrated by the comedian himself.

I still haven’t figured out how to listen to fiction audiobooks, but I love non-fiction ones — I found them easier to get into and less demanding in terms of attention. I don’t have to focus 100% on them and can listen while I’m working, trying to sleep, or doing something else that requires some brainpower.

If anyone has recommendations for an audiobook with GREAT narration that’s not too hard to listen to while multi-tasking, I’ll take it. I’ll take anything.

5) English is not my first language, but it’s what I read in.

I started speaking English when I was maybe six, and ever since then, 99% of what I read is in English. To be fair, though, I actually think in English and I speak more English now than I do my mother tongue, courtesy of living in an English-speaking country.

Bonus info: I apparently speak in an American accent despite having only spent a little over two weeks in the US. I think it’s because of all the Friends I watched when I was younger (and am still watching) — and no, I’m not joking. 😛

6) I stay up to read until waaaay too late.

As I get older, I’m realising how bad (and how hard) it is to stay up. Back when I was in high school I literally existed on 3-5 hours of sleep a night and was just fine, but now I need at least 6 hours, and even then waking up is agony.

At least back then I stayed up to study… but now, I stay up to read. It’s not healthy, you guys, but I can’t help it. I NEED TO FINISH THIS BOOK STAT.

7) I didn’t start REALLY reading YA until I was 19.

I did the IB in high school and whatever free hour I had was spent either sleeping, playing games, or writing fanfiction, so I wasn’t actually reading that much when I was an actual teen.

It was when I started uni that I started reading more books and actually discovered YA as a genre. Before that, I’ve read certain titles (Twilight, Harry Potter), but never the less ‘mainstream’ ones, the ones that people outside the book community would never have heard of. Now I do, though, and it feels great! 😛

8) I’m not HUGE on Harry Potter.

I mean, I still think it’s pretty freakin’ awesome and like many, many (MANY) things about it, but I just don’t love it the way some of my best friends do. I don’t remember any trivia about it, I don’t feel any desire to complete my collection (I have several volumes in my mother tongue, others in English), and I’m not particularly looking forward to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at all.

I like Harry Potter and the amazing times I had reading it, but I just don’t… love it to death? Yeah. Here’s what I did do, however:

  • When I was 12, I used to pretend I was a witch.
  • I joined Pottermore pretty much the minute it was open under the urgings of my friends… and was very unsurprisingly sorted into Ravenclaw.
  • I read Draco/Harmione fanfiction (and still do, because heeey), and my favourite is probably Thirteenth Night by nelpher. It’s just a good, solid romance, and I love how their reluctant friendship developed into a romance.

9) I don’t really care for book maps.

You know how some fantasy books have maps of the world on the endpapers? Yeaaaaah, I never ever refer to them or even look at them.

You’d think that this is only specific to ebooks, but even with print books I just don’t really care to look at them — my brain’s too busy with the story and the characters to think too much about where Kingdom A or Palace B is located… and with my being a skimmer, I tend to not really care about the details that much. 😛

10) Same goes for novellas.

Some people really love getting short novellas about this missing scene or that character from a book, but while I veeeeery occasionally read them, I don’t really care for them and honestly think some books are better off left alone.

In my opinion, not all loose ends need to be tied, and some side characters are more intriguing, more likable, when they remain as side characters. I’m probably in the minority for this one, though.

Can you relate to any of these? Let me know in the comments or leave me a link to your TTT!


120 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I really loved reading all your facts Reg!
    A three year book slump, I’m not sure how you did it?! I think the most time I’ve ever been in a book slump has been a month or two and even that felt like way too long! But hopefully given you know what caused it you should be able to make sure it doesn’t happen again 🙂 (I don’t know what I’d do if you went three years without posting on your blog!)
    I also stay up way too late, mostly blogging rather than reading but if it’s a good book I will just keep saying one more chapter, one more chapter. God bring back the days when I could function on five hours sleep! 😀
    See I don’t mind book maps, but I find I’ll look at them before I start the book and then never refer back to them, ever, so it kind of makes me think what’s the point as well!
    Great post for this week! 😀


    • I’m not sure either. I did read a bit, but I think I averaged maybe like 5 books a year, haha. Nowadays I try not to read too much and make time for my other hobbies, so hopefully I don’t get burned out and abandon this blog! 😛

      Blogging actually takes way, WAY more time than I thought it would, haha. I’ve stayed up blogging quite a bit as well, but I usually need to wind down before bed, and blogging is to me quite social.

      Yeah, for sure – I glance at the map once when I start the book and then never again, haha. Thanks, Beth! ❤

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      • God I can’t imagine five books a year. It must have been an insane slump then! I need to try and learn to balance reading and blogging with my other hobbies. I want to start baking again so hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to take a little break from blogging and bake some cookies instead 🙂 yeah I don’t really want to get burned out either. I love blogging but its important to take breaks at times isn’t it?
        Oh blogging definitely takes more time than I ever thought it would, but I do enjoy it, I just need to try and balance my time so I can get to sleep at a decent time 🙂
        I like seeing maps in book, but I never really refer to them but there are probably loads of people who do!
        That’s all right! 😀


        • It waaaas, haha. I just didn’t feel like reading AT ALL. I also wanna start baking again soon but I probably should pick up more active hobbies, like running or weight-lifting or something, haha. 😛

          How many hours of blogging do you think you do daily?

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          • I have days when I don’t feel like reading, normally in a couple of days I’m back to normal, head in a book, honestly three years is insanely long!
            Yeah I need to find some more active hobbies, but I love baking so I’ll have to find a way to fit both, and blogging, into my time.
            Honestly, it depends on the day, normally around four in the evenings; writing a post, replying to comments and commenting on other people’s post. It’s more on the weekends though.


            • Have you been reading your entire life without ever stopping for a few days at a time? That’s amazing! I go through days without wanting to read, too, but I don’t really consider it a personal slump because I’ve been in that three-year one, haha. 😛

              I love baking toooo but I’m so afraid of getting a bigger waistline, haha. I am SO UNMOTIVATED to exercise so I have had to cut down on snacking if I want to stay my size. Gone were the days I could eat a lot and not gain anything… I guess this is the product of an aging body. *laments*

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              • I’ve always read more than the average person (though given a lot of people in my high school’s idea of a lot of books was one every two weeks that isn’t saying too much), but I think the longest slump I was ever in was maybe around two months, even then I still read books but it was re-reading old books I know I loved, I didn’t really pick up anything new.
                There are a few things I need to take up again, baking is one of them (I’m actually thinking of making some cookies next weekend!) and going to the gym is another. I feel if I’m gonna start baking again I need to balance it out with gym time! 😀


                • Totally understandable. I reread less and less as the years go by, but I think that has to do with the fact that there are now more new books than ever and accessing them isn’t hard.

                  Yay for cookies! Maybe you should gym first and make the cookies later as a reward… although if that were me I’d end up rewarding myself too much, haha.

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  2. Sometimes I feel novellas are just not necessary. I think I’d only read one and I might own one other, but I usually think that if an author didn’t include the story in their original books, why must it be told? Also, I think part of the reason for them is publishers are looking for more money from superfans. A three-year reading slump?! That sounds awful. I do agree, time is the best way to get over a reading slump.


    • I’ve read a couple, but I think there was only one that I felt added something to the story… and that one features a character completely uninvolved in the original series, haha. I guess I don’t particularly care for extra perspectives of the same scene, which tends to be what some novellas are about. And yeah, gotta say that I do think they’re money grabs as well. 😛

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    • I don’t really refer to pronunciation guides either! I guess it doesn’t matter to me whether or not I’m pronouncing a made-up/foreign word incorrectly, haha – chances are I’d never actually have to say it in real life. 😛

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  3. I relate to SOOO many of yours facts!! What do you use to listen to audiobooks?? I’ve been trying to get into them, but I don’t know if they’re worth so much money a month? As for HP, I haven’t even read the series so hey, you are definitely in a better boat that I am 😉 (btw, I used that exact same gif in my TTT post) Wonderful post just like always, Reg! ❤

    -Jess @jbelkbooks


    • I use iBooks, haha. I’m kind of boring and don’t really use a huge variety of apps… it’s pretty much only that and Kindle on my iPhone that I use to read books. What about you?

      I kind of grew up with HP, but I feel like I missed that whole “OMG I LOVE IT, BEST THING EVER” boat. 😛

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      • I’ve been trying to get into Audible, but it’s kind of expensive and I don’t want to spend money on it if I end up not liking it… .-. I actually didn’t even know you could listen to audiobooks via iBooks, so I’ll have to check that out.

        I, too, was surrounded by people reading HP when I was younger, but I admit that the size of the books themselves did intimidate me xD

        -Jess @jbelkbooks


  4. I totally agree with #8, #9 and #10! I love the idea of bookish maps, but then I forget they are there and rarely refer to them. I feel like novellas often get in the way and I never read them. Because I read Harry Potter when I was really young, I feel kind of disconnected from the series now; I still love it, but I’m not obsessed with it the way some people are. Great list!


    • Oh yay! I kind of feel like the novellas that I’ve read are written solely because they’re easy money grabs, unfortunately – I’m sure there are great ones out there but I haven’t heard of them yet. Book maps, on the other hand, help some readers visualise… just not me.

      I read HP when I was young as well but never reread it as an adult, and I often wonder if I’d like it more now, haha. Maybe I’ll appreciate the nuances that I didn’t before. 😛

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      • Same. I can’t say that all novellas are written just to get more money out of a series, but it really feels like it. The only novella I read and really enjoyed was Double Crossed by Ally Carter, which combined two of my favorite series. Otherwise, novellas seem to get in the way of the actual story. And since I rarely read ebooks, and most novellas aren’t published in paper, they are really hard for me to read anyway.


        • Oh, that’s true – I’ve only seen a couple in print format (i.e. Victoria Aveyard’s Cruel Crown); the rest are just ebooks. I haven’t read a lot of Ally Carter lately, but her books are always fun so I assume her novellas are too. 😛

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  5. I also rarely buy print books. A few years ago, my boyfriend couldn’t understand why I was asking for the Lumatere books for Christmas when I had already read them. Obviously I need to own a book when I love it, that way I can reread it and force my friends to read it.

    I can’t believe you don’t look at maps! I’m a visual person, so I’m absolutely lost without one. But that applies to both fictional settings and real-world situations.


    • Oh yeees, I really only own physical copies of books I know I’ll reread over and over. The only other time I’d buy a print book is when there’s a really good bargain. 😛

      I definitely look at maps in real life! But I just don’t really care for them in books, mostly because they all look kind of the same for me and I don’t really visualise as I read, haha.


  6. What libraries do you go to? (I live in Melbourne as well!) Although I almost never borrow from libraries I like to visit them and be surrounded by ALL THE BOOKS. I LOVE book maps, but mostly because some of them are just soooo pretty, not because I use them as reference points throughout the book! It’s pretty cool to me that although english isn’t your first language thats what you’ve been reading in for so long!! I loved this post! I love getting to know all the bloggers a little more 🙂


    • Oh heeey! I go to the CBD ones because I live around the area, haha. The Flinders Lane one is a particular favourite. Which ones do you go to? 🙂

      I think book maps are pretty too but tbh I just never really gave them a second glance. They’re generally of no consequence to me. 😛

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  7. Preach woman, preach! I really don’t care for novellas either. The only one I mostly enjoyed was The Assassins Blade (obviously… I’m SJM obsessed..). I personally don’t like audiobooks. I tried it with a YA fantasy and found I was zoning out far too much. Maybe I’ll try nonfiction with them instead? Hmm.

    I have to drive to the library, but even dragging all my books to the car is a hassle hahah. So heavy! I will only buy a print book if I absolutely loved it. I can’t understand how people have these huge bookshelves full of YA books – where does this money come from?!


    • I’m actually not an SJM fan but I’ve heard good things about her novellas, and from what I can tell they do cover more ground than some others out there (i.e. they actually add something to the story, not just a different POV of the same scene).

      And yeah, I definitely think non-fic audiobooks are a lot easier to get into! You just don’t have to stay focused 100% of the time, which helps when you’re multi-tasking.

      The money thing I also don’t get, haha. Buying 10 books a month puts a dent in my savings quite a bit and I’m hesitant to do so… and then there are people with 30-book hauls. 😂


  8. Wow… 3 years reading slump? That’s really long :O English is also not my first language, but I prefer to read in it because some meaning tend to be lost in translation. I have one rule for reading, and that is not to read before I go to bed. I know how one more chapter will turn into one more book xD And THANK YOU for the Dramione fanfic, I’m reading it now and it’s brilliant! ❤


    • Ooh, what is your first language? Haha, I really should implement that rule in my daily life but that kind of means that I’d barely have any time to read! Before bed is just about the only time I’m free. 😛

      YES FOR DRAMIONE! How are you liking it? ❤


  9. I don’t care about maps in books either! I usually just skip it… but then halfway through the book, I found myself being confused because I don’t read the map so I end up going back to it 😛 I also rarely buy the prints. The prints are expensive and kind of hard to find in Indonesia so I just read the e-version and buy the ones I love. Much much cheaper lol


      • The struggle is real for us here 😦 Kinokuniya is my favorite because they have almost ALL the books but the price is sooo expensive! Periplus is way cheaper but their collections aren’t complete 😦 most of the time I prefer bookdepository because it’s both cheap and complete. The only drawback is that it takes like A MONTH to ship here 😦


        • A month! Well, at least Book Depository has a LOT of books and you get to take your pick, haha. I haven’t ever shipped anything to Indo mostly because I’m always kind of scared it’ll get lost in the mail. If I ever move back that’s definitely going to be a drawback, too, the long shipping times. :/

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          • Ugh me too, the first few times I ordered books from bookdepository, I was so worried! It said the shipping took 7-10 days but after 3 weeks of not receiving my packages yet, I went crazy and bombarded the customer service with questions hahaha now I know the drill. The trick is to just forget it once you made the purchase 😛 oh anyway, where did you live in Indo?? I’m curious!


            • Haha, I would totally do the same thing. I really should learn that ‘forgetting it after purchase’ trick – instead I eagerly wait until a package arrives in my mailbox.

              My family lives in Jakarta, so whenever I go back that’s where I go. 🙂

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  10. SAAAAAAAAAME. I STAY UP LATE TO READ LIKE WAY TOO LONG. I usually have to be out because I have commitments that start at 8:15 (for now) so I’m up by 7. Therefore, I often feel it fit that I can sleep at like, 1:00 in the morning or even 2:00. Then of course, you wake up and realize you’re really tired and you made the wrong decision but of course that doesn’t stop you from staying up late and losing sleep over a book the next night and the next and the next 😂 I also do not pay attention to maps. It’s become a habit, because before I used to enjoy looking at them and reading all the cool names, but now because I read A LOT of ebooks (I guess it’s not because I can annotate like you (because literally all I do is read and try to be entertained 😝) but it’s because I can get quicker access to them than a book in print) the maps are usually super distorted or cut off the page, so I’ve just made a habit of trying to make my own mental map while reading and also just trying to interpret anything geographically related. Girl, your blog is lit. I mean it, it’s amazing. I thought I would just read a couple posts but then I started stalking your blog and basically reading half the content available (even though I had to go to dinner) great job! You rock 💝


    • I’m honestly kind of spoiled because my work commute literally only takes 5-8 minutes, so every morning I get out of bed and roll straight to work, but I imagine if I move jobs I’ll have to cut down on all the late-night reading sessions!

      And yes! Maps in ebooks are just usually cut off on the page, and I just can’t be bothered putting all the pieces together to form a coherent, whole map in my head, especially since I don’t even really care for them. I also don’t tend to visualise geographical locations when reading, so most setting/direction details I just dismiss.

      Thank you so much! That means a lot to me, and you’re super sweet for saying so. 💝

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  11. Such honest and quirky facts, Reg! Love them. 🙂
    I am just as guilty when it comes to reading late. Because of school and work the only time that I can enjoy pleasure reading is at night, and some books are just too captivating to put down. I’m known to have permanent dark circles because of this. (Some of my friends literally call me a panda, lol.)’ >.<
    And it's so cool that English is your second language! I'm bilingual but I think I learned Vietnamese and English around the same time. ^.^
    As for the crazy long slump… I can relate to that as well! I read a lot when I was 11-14, but once I started high school I stopped reading (well aside from assigned lit for classes). I only just started reading again beginning of last year when I started blogging. I was so out of the loop and hadn't ever heard of authors like Sarah J. Maas or Rainbow Rowell. (I know! Crazy, right?)


    • Yes, me too! The only time I could really read is right before bed, and it often means I stay up a bit later than I really should, haha. My eyebags are permanently there – I don’t even know how to start making them disappear. And some of my friends actually call me panda, too! 😛

      I haven’t heard of Sarah J. Maas until last year when I started blogging! Rainbow Rowell I’ve heard of, but that’s because I read Fangirl pretty soon after it came out, I think. It’s actually really easy to ‘avoid’ knowing these things, especially if you’re not in the community. Some of my non-reader friends wouldn’t have heard of probably 95% of the authors/books I talk about here!

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  12. 3 years?that is a long reading slump. Was it exhaustion from reading so many books perhaps? Glad you got out it though.I have never listed to an audio book because I am always worried that I will lose concentration or fall asleep. Glad to hear that they are working out well for you though.I am also guilty of reading late specially if the book is ‘unputdownable’. Great post.


    • Yes, I think so! Some people are able to read 150 books a year every year, but I can only do it once, haha.

      I do think with audiobooks you gotta find one that actually works for you. There are just so many things that go into what makes an audiobook ‘good’ for me – the narrator has to be suitable, the story easy to follow, etc. 🙂


  13. Girl, you and I are so different! It’s so interesting to read about you, though.

    You seldom buy print books? LIKE WHY? But ebooks are cool too and if you have a well-stocked library, why not take advantage of it? The libraries in Malaysia seldom have fiction so that’s a struggle.

    And a 3-year reading slump? Oh, honey. I can never last that long without a book, to be honest!

    The only thing we have similar is that we think, read and speak in English! I come from a Cantonese speaking family but I still consider English as my first language, even though it’s not my native language.

    I did this week’s TTT too, so if you fancy reading some random bookish facts about me, you know where to go! 🙂


    • Yeees, I know. I’m originally from Indonesia and I think if I were there I’ll be buying books all the time – the libraries aren’t stocked at all, and if they were they wouldn’t be stocked with import books, haha. I don’t have a lot of shelf space where I live so I try not to buy more than I actually really, REALLY want. 😛

      I read a couple of books in that slump, but mostly I was investing time in my other hobbies (i.e. gaming, mostly), as well as uni, haha.

      My BF comes from a Cantonese-speaking family too and I think he’s the reserve – English would be his first language, Cantonese his second.

      Definitely checking it out! Thanks for the comments. ❤


  14. That’s great that you can resist yourselves from buying books. I just can’t resist and end up buying way too many books. Moving houses is a big challenge with that many books 😦
    #5 applies to me as well. Even though English is not my first language, it is the only language I can read and write properly so I only read in English. I should learn to read and write in mother tongue someday.


    • Haha, I have no self-control when it comes to other things. I think with books there’s this sense of “I can still read it if I get it form the library” that makes wanting it less urgent to me. 😛

      I can write in my mother tongue, but the language now feels off to me. Years of not really using it other than in conversation tend to d that to you, haha.


  15. As someone with an intense dislike of audiobooks, I thought the “Making of the princess bride” audiobook was great. And if you want to give fiction ones another shot, “Welcome to Nightvale” is good because since the fandom started as a podcast, it makes sense to my brain for listening. “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe” is also good as an audiobook because it’s read by Lin Manual Miranda (aka the dude who made Hamilton:An American Musical and is actual perfection$.


  16. Hey Reg!
    Man, am I ever glad to meet a fellow Dramione shipper. I tried to read your favourite but I wasn’t able to access it. My favorite story though is Fire Dragon by sunne (I will add a link to the story at the end of my comment) that I think you will like since it has some of the same qualities that the story you mentioned has (ie. slow build and a hesitant romance from a very, very hesitant friendship).
    I use the library a lot too! But I also buy a lot of books, paperback, and get a lot of books from family and friends, mix of hard and paper, though this year I haven’t been buying as many. Have you found an audiobook that you enjoy? I am working my way through Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger (I adore the voice actor) because reading a physical book on the bus is hard for me.
    I think university is putting me in a reading slump but a motivational slump for just about anything as well…
    Have a great day!


    • Hi Bre! Aww, I’m sorry you couldn’t access it – it’s on a site where you have to register, I believe. I will look up Fire Dragon by sunne once I have the time. It’s been a while since I read any fanfic, and Dramione is as good as any to start with!

      The only audiobooks I enjoy, as it turns out, are audiobooks of memoirs/non-fiction! Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance is an example that comes to mind – that was just pure fun from start to finish. I haven’t really listened to many, but Anna Kendrick’s book is next on my to-get-audiobook list.

      Sorry to hear about the slumps – uni is really hard like that, and I’ve been there too. I hope you find a way to combat it soon and emerge out of it all refreshed and ready to tackle on any challenges that may come your way.

      Thank you, and thanks for stopping by! ❤

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