Top Ten Confessions of a Book Blogger


Hello and happy Top Ten Tuesday, guys! This week’s theme is a freebie, which is always hard because research has shown that having options leads to anxiety and unhappiness. Thankfully, I’m kind of an impulsive decision-maker (most of my life-altering decisions have been impulsively made) so I’ve decided to go with… blogger confessions!

I missed doing the Twitter hashtag back when it was going around, so this is kind of me catching up with the rest of you lucky enough to be around when that happened. Here we go. 🙂

1) I don’t trust author reviews.

suspicious chicken fat cat

I feel like I see it all the time with new releases: Big Name Author A rates Big Name Author B’s, C’s, and D’s books five stars respectively, and they all do the same to each other. I’ve never seen an author rate another author’s book less than five stars… and I’ve never seen an author criticise another author’s book in this community. Is this a Goodreads thing? Did their publisher tell them to do it to build relations? Can I trust these ratings and compliments? It probably doesn’t matter, but I want to know what the deal is!

2) When someone compliments my Book Looks, I often don’t quite know what to say.

My go-to answer is “Thank you!” but sometimes I feel like it’s quite presumptuous of me. What am I thanking them for? I didn’t actually design any of these pieces, I just put them together! I can thank them for their comment, but “Thank you for your comment!” sounds less friendly to me. WHAT DO I SAY? I probably think about this way more than I should.

3) I skim. Quite a lot.

When a book gets boring in the middle, I skim it until the story picks up again and continue reading then. I’ve been doing this since I was maybe twelve and reading Harry Potter for the first time. Because of this, I do tend to miss a lot of tiny, subtle details, which means that I am forever BLIND to plot twists and can never see them coming. Oh well!

4) I worry that my reviews don’t flow well structurally.

I think this has to do with the way I write my reviews: I write down three or four thoughts, for example…

  • The characters are annoying, but I like Character ABC because they’re blah blah.
  • Setting feels quite authentic, but I dunno enough to actually comment?
  • I like the parents, though. We need more parents like them in YA fiction.
  • Writing seems a bit choppy to me.

… and I would just expand on them one by one, rearranging my paragraphs however best I can. I’m definitely guilty of publishing before rereading/editing my review so my transitions aren’t as smooth as they could be, leading to a post that jumps all over the place. 😛

5) Sometimes I get too distracted by the ~pretty~ to look at the story critically.

Case in point: my whole obsession with The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Choksi, and probably numerous other fantasy or sci-fi books with really gorgeous writing and a cool concept. Do the sentences actually make sense when you actually think about them logically? Are the characters jerks? The overall message sexist? God knows, because I’m too busy fawning over what’s clearly, easily visible to dive under the surface.

6) I get sad when I write a long-ass comment on someone’s post and they don’t reply.

I certainly don’t comment on people’s post just to get a reply, but I’m very talkative as a person and every comment I write is kind of the start of a conversation, so when people don’t respond or simply ‘Like’ it, I feel a little ignored and will wonder if they’ve actually read what I wrote. 

I think this is why I try very hard to reply to all the comments that I get, especially on my own blog (they’re easier to keep track of). I’m aware that most people probably don’t mean to ignore me and that I’ve certainly missed comments too, but I still get a bit sad. 😛

7) I’m always a bit hesitant to post a negative review of a book the community LOVES.

I know, I know, you can’t please everyone… but while we’re all entitled to our own opinions, sometimes our opinions do rub others the wrong way even without us meaning to, and I’m kind of chicken so I really don’t want to be on the receiving (or sending) end of hate. I’m thankful that I’ve never experienced it thus far, but it disheartens me every time I hear about it. :/

8) I honestly don’t care for author meet-ups.

I don’t know why, but I’m not particularly interested in any author as an extension of their book. If it’s a non-fiction memoir and the author has gone through some interesting stuff, maybe, but while there are exceptions, as a general rule I just don’t feel any inclination to meet authors, go to a fan event or something like that. I mostly care about the book — but that’s pretty much it.

This is why questions such as “If you can invite one author to dinner tonight, who will it be?” stump the hell out of me: because I really wouldn’t invite any. I mean, I admire the living daylights out of certain authors for writing what they did, but I’m just not particularly interested to really know them beyond that. I’m more a from-afar type of fan and I’d much rather have my friends or family or any of you guys over for dinner. ❤

9) I don’t understand the appeal of having my book autographed.

Kind of related to the previous point, I really don’t care if a book is signed or not. In fact, I’m likelier to buy an unsigned copy. Some people really love autographs and more power to them, but I like my books completely unblemished, and this means with no writing, annotations, scribbles, doodles, signatures, etc. whatsoever. Completely. 😛

(The same goes with celebrities, by the way — I’m not the kind of fan who lines up for hours just to get an autograph or a photo, haha. I just can’t be bothered!)

10) One of my biggest blogging fears is getting into a slump.

I’m a very moody person by nature, and I worry that one day I will wake up and just not be in the mood to read, write, or blog anymore — it has kind of happened several times before, and chances are it’ll probably happen again. I worry that when that day comes, I won’t be able to push myself out of that hole, because not only am I moody, I also spoil myself way too much and pretty much never do anything I don’t actually want to when it comes to things that don’t really have consequences.

I mean, work and school I never neglect because neglecting them has actual consequences on my life and future, but reading, blogging, writing — these things are my hobbies, and I’m not ultra-aware of any real consequences that would come and smack me across the face if I just one day decide to stop doing these things. I do love what I’ve done, though, so I worry that I will just quit it like I have so many other things before. And if I do, what won’t I quit? D:

Okay, that’s it, folks! Ten confession-y thoughts I’ve had since starting this blog. Can you relate to any of these? 🙂

127 thoughts on “Top Ten Confessions of a Book Blogger

  1. I liked all of these a lot! Especially the negative reviews thing, because it tends to feel like it’s not okay to just feel okay about the book, It feels like you have to love it or you abviously don’t have any taste, but that’s not how it works. Again, I liked all of these and the thing with the review structure is why I haven’t posted any review on my own blog yet. Reading slumps are the worst when you’re on a reading shedule.


    • Thank you! Yeah, I think especially with really big, popular books that EVERYONE loves, it can be a little intimidating to post an opinion that challenges all the others, haha.

      I hope you find a structure that works for you! Sometimes I find that it’s best to just throw yourself first into it, post it, and think later. If people don’t like what they see, they’ll tell you. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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