Top Ten Non-Bookish Blogs I Love


Hello and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday post! This week’s theme takes us away from all things bookish and into the world of the ~unknown~. Okay, not really, but I’m super excited to see what other people have come up with this week, because yay to discovering new websites I can lose hours on!

Anyway, I decided to do mine on websites or blogs that I’ve been following for a bit. There’s a bit of a mix in this list—food, travel, lifestyle, fashion—so hopefully you find something you like. In no particular order, here are the non-bookish blogs that I frequent. ❤

1) Food Wishes

TYPE: Food

ABOUT: I actually follow the Food Wishes YouTube channel more than the Food Wishes blog, but Chef John is my absolute favourite. He’s super funny and his recipes are absolutely entertaining to watch, especially because he doesn’t always ‘follow the rules’ and sometimes does things ‘chefs aren’t supposed to do’ (I use quotes here because I ain’t a chef and have no idea what chefs are supposed to do and what the rules actually are).

CHECK OUT: Definitely the YouTube channel, as well as the Cheesy Crackers recipe.

2) Sally’s Baking Addiction

omg-foodTYPE: Food

ABOUT: I LOVE SWEETS. Before this blog, I used to bake in my spare time, which was GREAT for my mouth but so bad for my hips, and I love Sally’s Baking Addiction. I pin pretty much everything she posts to my Pinterest board (conveniently titled ‘SUGAR AND SIN’) and am in love with all the photos. ❤

CHECK OUT: The Baking Basics Series.

3) Just One Cookbook

TYPE: Food

ABOUT: I don’t only love sweets, I LOVE FOOD IN GENERAL. Just One Cookbook is centred more on Japanese food, which works perfect for me because Japanese cuisine is just amazing and I love pretty much anything matcha-flavoured. Also, who can resist pretty pictures of pretty food? I sure can’t. 😛

CHECK OUT: All the matcha recipes!

4) Buffer Blog

TYPE: Social Media

ABOUT: Buffer is one of the tools I use to do social media at work, apart from Hootsuite, and they’re one of the best companies when it comes to blog posts and e-newsletters that are actually interesting enough for their users. I actually look forward to their e-newsletters, which I pretty much never do with any other company, because they’re actually useful.

CHECK OUT: Solving the 10 Most Common Social Media Challenges.

5) Mark Manson

you got it dudeTYPE: Advice, Lifestyle

ABOUT: Mark Manson is one of my favourite lifestyle/life writers who just gets it. He’s not afraid to lay out the truth but he also packages it in such a way that it’s easy to swallow and really enjoyable to read. His writing’s just really relatable.

CHECK OUT: In Defense of Being Average.

6) Texan in Tokyo

TYPE: Lifestyle, Culture, Travel

ABOUT: Texan in Tokyo is a blog by Grace Buchele Mineta, a Texan blogger who married a Japanese man and now lives in Japan. Her blog is a wonderful mixture of personal posts on life and relationships, funny comics about her day-to-day life, and the occasional travel piece. She also talked about LDRs and intercultural relationships, which I think don’t get talked about as much but are both becoming more common.

CHECK OUT: The Emotional ‘Cost’ of Blogging: The not-so-secret downside to writing about your life on the internet.

7) Thought Catalog

TYPE: Lifestyle, Advice
one more post

ABOUT: Okay, I admit that I used to like Thought Catalog a lot better back when it first started out, mostly because after a while, all the articles sound like they’re regurgitating the same thing… which they probably are. But the point still stands — this website came into my life at a time where I needed lots and lots of (external) validation and reassurance, and it definitely did the job. I don’t frequent it as much nowadays but I do have it on my Feedly, so I occasionally still scroll through the articles and read what catches my eye.

CHECK OUT: 11 Things That Are Not Your Responsibility.

8) Captain Awkward

TYPE: Advice

ABOUT: Soooo I’m kind of into advice columns but Captain Awkward is one of the best because Jennifer, the blogger, has scripts that people can use in real-life situations. Often advice columns just say “oh you can do this, tell people that” without really explaining how it can be done, but this one does! Also, advice columns are so addictive to me. 😛

CHECK OUT: The archives!

9) Thirstythought

TYPE: Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

ABOUT: Fashion is my other big love and I love Thirstythought — I thought it was just a really great example of a blog, and while I’m not into 100% of the things Kryz wears, I’m in love with the aesthetics of her blog. Spot-on colours, fonts, design, photos…  and everything is just Pinterest-worthy. She also travels quite a bit and I love living vicariously through her. ❤

CHECK OUT: Her lookbook.

10) Chloe Ting

tumblr_m9u1jwxe251rofx3zTYPE: Fashion, Lifestyle

ABOUT: Another fashion blog on this list! Chloe Ting is Melbourne-based, and while I’m aware her posts aren’t always timely to the current weather, I just love seeing what local people have been wearing. On that note, fashion/lifestyle blogs always motivate me to take better care of my life because these bloggers just always look so put together! How do they do it?

CHECK OUT: Her lookbook.

What’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments! 🙂

81 thoughts on “Top Ten Non-Bookish Blogs I Love

  1. Oh wow,great list.I don’t know any of the sites that you have mentioned apart from Thought Catalog.I am always looking for new recipes but I don’t follow any foods sites.Thanks for this.I look them up 🙂


  2. Great list this week, Reg!

    I’m an advice column junkie too, and I love that Captain Awkward tells you how to actually follow through with the advice. Like, if you need to bring up something big in a conversation, that’s kind of hard to do if it doesn’t come up naturally, so I love the idea that they kind of map out how to do that (correct me if I’m wrong?). I’ll definitely have to check out buffer blog because social media is something that’s hard to get the hang of from a professional standpoint.

    Food blogs are always so much fun. When I did a cupcake blog for a Mass Communications class, it was one of the funnest projects I think I’ve ever done because I got to go and eat cupcakes. (Like you said, great for my mouth, bad for my hips, haha.)


    • YES, ANOTHER ADVICE COLUMN JUNKIE! I feel so ashamed sometimes but I’m a sucker for those, and I’ve even read Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed because it was so advice column-y. Captain Awkward definitely maps out how you solve your dilemmas, complete with scripts. 🙂

      And yay for fun school projects! Did you have to bake cupcakes as well? I did a blog for my communications class as well but it had to be on something serious. :/


  3. Oooh! I love Sally’s Baking Addiction! G’oh, I could probably have done my entire TTT on food blogs alone, now that I think about it, haha.

    Great list!


  4. I just opened all those blogs in different tabs and Mark Manson and Texan in Tokyo are the two that caught my eye the most. Thanks for all these recs!


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