Top Ten Funny Books That Will Make You Chuckle


Maybe I’m just not an expressive reader, but I hardly ever—HARDLY EVER—laugh when reading books. The most I do is chuckle (usually when something funny happens) or giggle (more often when I’m rooting for a particular couple and they do or say cheesy, silly, flirty things).

In that spirit, this list was just hard to compile! I don’t tend to remember if books make me laugh or chuckle since that’s generally not what I look for so I don’t notice my reactions that much, and even now I’m not 100% sure I’ve chosen the right books. I’m about 50% sure, which is low, but hey, I tried. 😛

1) Can You Keep A Secret – Sophie Kinsella

She Latitude | Can You Keep A Secret“I hurl the glass teapot to the ground.

We both stare at it, stunned.

“It was supposed to break,” I explain after a pause, “And that was going to signify that yes, I would throw something away. If I knew it wasn’t right for me.”

THOUGHTS: This was probably one of my first Kinsella books and remains my favourite, because many of her other books just annoyed me (the Shopaholic series come to mind here).

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The secondhand embarrassment chuckle. Multiples of them.

2) The Undomestic Goddess – Sophie Kinsella

The Undomestic Goddess“I should have done a degree in mutual attraction, instead of law. It would have been a lot more useful. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Knowing When Men Fancy You And When They’re Just Being Friendly.”

THOUGHTS: Okay, I’m cheating a little bit here by including the same author, but Kinsella was what I read of contemporary romance when I was younger, and back then, I reread a lot. So some of her books are admittedly kind of branded into my head, and The Undomestic Goddess being one of them.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: Same as above, the “thank GOD I’m not this character” chuckle.

3) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl – Jesse Andrews

shelatitude_meandearlanddyinggirl“They look into each other’s eyes. If this were a touching romantic story, in this moment some STRANGE NEW FEELING would wash over Greg—a sense of being understood, in a basic way that he almost never is understood. Then, Greg and Rachel would make out like lovesick badgers. However, this is not a touching romantic story. There is no NEW FEELING that washes over Greg. There is no BADGER MAKE-OUT SESSION. Instead, Greg sort of shifts uncomfortably and breaks eye contact.”

THOUGHTS: Reviews on the blogosphere seem to be mixed for this one but I actually quite enjoyed it! Greg’s voice was funny and realistic to me, very conversational.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The understanding “well, he certainly tells it as it is” chuckle.

4) Bet Me – Jennifer Crusie

Bet Me“Look, Mother, I am never going to be thin. I’m Norwegian. If you wanted a thin daughter, you should not have married a man whose female ancestors carried cows home from the pasture.”

THOUGHTS: So Bet Me is one of those books I mention time and time again as being one of my comfort books of choice, and one of the reasons is because it’s actually really funny—in a smart, sarcastic way. The protagonist is kind of a smart-ass, so you get lots of that from this book. 😛

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The “yaaaas, that’s a smart comeback!” congratulatory, admiring chuckle.

5) The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot

The Princess Diaries“Leola Mae Harmon. I saw a movie about her on the Lifetime channel. Leola was an air force nurse who was in a car accident and the lower part of her face got all mangled, but then Armand Assante, who plays a plastic surgeon, said he could fix her. Leola had to endure hours of painful reconstructive surgery, during which her husband left her because she didn’t have any lips (which I guess is why the movie is called Why Me?). Armand Assante said he would make her a new pair of lips, only the other air force doctors didn’t like the fact that he wanted to make them out of skin from Leola’s vagina. But he did it anyway, and then he and Leola got married and worked together to help give other accident victims vagina lips. And the whole thing turned out to have been based on a true story.”

THOUGHTS: I am so, SO due for a reread of The Princess Diaries. It was one of my favourite books as a teen and I still remember how much I enjoyed Mia’s voice and general wackiness. ❤

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: I think it was the “yes this is exactly what teenagers go through” sympathetic chuckle? Like I said, due for a reread here!

6) Bridget Jones’ Diary – Helen Fielding

Bridget Jones' Diary“Resolution number one: Obviously will lose twenty pounds.

Number two: Always put last night’s panties in the laundry basket.

Equally important, will find sensible boyfriend to go out with and not continue to form romantic attachments to any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, peeping toms, megalomaniacs, emotional fuckwits or perverts. And especially will not fantasize about a particular person who embodies all these things.”

THOUGHTS: Bridget Jones’ Diary is the ultimate chick-lit for me. I LOVED the first movie too, so that’s an easy plus. ❤

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The “being a grown woman is so scary” chuckle. I read this as a teen, haha.

7) Nuts – Alice Clayton

nuts“You didn’t really bring me beets, did you?”…

“I did,” he murmured, his thumbs sliding underneath my T-shirt the tiniest bit. “I brought mad beets.”

“Oh man,” I snorted … “Did you bring me anything else?”

He brought his face back to mine, tinged with the slightest of blush. “I hesitate to say it now.”

“What did you bring?” I asked his shaking shoulders.

He buried his head once again into my neck. “A really big zucchini…”

THOUGHTS: I read Nuts with a couple of Twitter friends last year and while it was not particularly unique, it was quite enjoyable, and the food puns and dirty jokes are glorious.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The “my goodness, that’s genius” chuckle.

8) Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari

Modern Romance“Like most fedora wearers, he had a lot of inexplicable confidence.”

THOUGHTS: Modern Romance is the first audiobook I’ve listened to in full, and boy did it change my mind on audiobooks! Aziz Ansari is a comedian, so believe me when I say that this surprisingly sociological book has quite a lot of chuckle-out-loud insights, chat conversations and personal anecdotes.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: The classic “oh no I totally used those texting strategies” guilty chuckle, complete with shifty eyes and a sudden need to melt and disappear.

9) Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? – Mindy Kaling

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me“All women love Colin Firth: Mr. Darcy, Mark Darcy, George VI—at this point he could play the Craigslist Killer and people would be like, ‘Oh my God, the Craigslist Killer has the most boyish smile!”

THOUGHTS: So I picked up this one right after reading Modern Romance—I was on kind of a stand-up comedian streak, which lasted these two books—and while I liked it less, it was also quite fun. Mindy Kaling is hilarious and some of her anecdotes are so relatable.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: Sympathy “omg that silly thing would totally happen to me too” chuckles.

10) How to Repair A Mechanical Heart – J. C. Lillis

How to Repair A Mechanical Heartdoomerang: omg you guys. I CAN’T EVEN.
amity crashful: rosey you are a heroic stalker, please have my babies
retro robot: They are flawless. That is all.
whispering!sage: snickerdoodles. the official cookie of us.
thanks4caring: lol @ brandon’s “cupping hands.” like, “abel baby, back yo ass up into these”
sad paradise: can you blame him? DAT ASS.

THOUGHTS: Can’t complete this list without one of my favourite LGBT YA novels of all time, How to Repair A Mechanical Heart! Anyone who was ever really involved in any fandom will probably find this hilarious, because that was the highlight of this book for me.

TYPE OF CHUCKLE: Nostalgic “those were the golden days” chuckles, as well as amazed “OMG YAAAS that’s how I used to speak!” chuckles.

What’s on your TTT this week? Leave me a link or let me know in the comments!

82 thoughts on “Top Ten Funny Books That Will Make You Chuckle

  1. I am ashamed to say that I haven’t read a single Sophie Kinsella book 😱 I’ve Got Your Number is definitely one that I want to start with and I am so glad you enjoyed it ❤️


  2. Absolutely love the “chuckle” descriptions. Thanks for the recommendations on how each of these books might make me laugh. It’s been like ten years since I read Can You Keep A Secret but that was kind of like my “being a grown woman is so scary” chuckle at the time.


    • Haha, thank you! There are so many different types of ‘funny’ that I just had to. It’s been a while since I fully read Can You Keep A Secret too – I skimmed it a bit last year and found Emma admittedly more infuriating than I did when I was younger. :p

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really enjoyed the Kinsellas and the Cabot and the Jesse Andrews. I didn’t think of putting non-fiction in my list but Aziz Ansari and Mindy Kaling are definitely among my favourite funny people! Your post made me really want to read Bet Me and How to Repair a Mechanical Heart 🙂


  4. Read both the Sophie Kinsella ones and loved them … wish I had read this post sooner as was on the look out for a good book earlier today .. will keep your recommendations in mind for next time .. thanks for sharing! 😦


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