Book Looks: Can You Keep A Secret – Sophie Kinsella

She Latitude | Can You Keep A SecretCan You Keep a Secret?

I was maybe thirteen or fourteen the first time I read Can You Keep A Secret, giggling at the protagonist Emma’s misfortunes while feeling secondhand embarrassment for her at the same time. We get introduced to her on one of the worst days of her life to date: her work meeting ended up with her losing a very important deal for her company, she spilled colourful soda on her potential client, she had been walking around with her blouse gaping open at the front for god-knows-how-long without realising it, you’d think that was enough, but really, that’s just the beginning.

Unfortunately for her, Murphy’s Law is at work here: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. The plane she’s flying on that day gets caught in a turbulence, and Emma, with her all-time-high fear of flying, panics and spills all of her deepest, darkest secrets to a (handsome!) stranger next to her. It’s really quite funny. And mortifying. But mostly funny.


Necklace | Earrings | Top | Skirt | Clutch | Heels

In spirit of this lighthearted, fun novel, the outfit I chose today is ultra-feminine and ultra-cute, perfect for a semi-formal day date or just a day out with a couple of girlfriends. I especially love the bright yellow clutch—it’s actually called ‘Brighten My Day’, if you click on the link, and it’s so fitting because it does brighten the whole outfit up and add more colour to the overall look. What do you think?

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