Book Looks: With A Twist by Staci Hart

She Latitude - Hart - With A TwistWith a Twist (Bad Habits, #1)

You’ve been crushing on one guy for so long, but when you finally get with him, your reality doesn’t quite match up with your fantasy. Then comes this guy—well, he’s actually been there all along, but you’re only seeing him in a different light now. And things are exciting: you’ve got butterflies in your stomach, he calls you Twinkle Toes and gives you foot rubs, he’s got a cute man bun and a beard…

The above paragraph pretty much sums up With A Twist, a New Adult novel by Staci Hart. It’s my first ever New Adult book (shocking, huh?), and while I’m at best ambivalent about it, I like the cover. It’s a testament to good cover design when the cover entices and gives the reader a hint of what’s to come, and I think that does it quite well. Without further ado, here are my picks!


Plaid Shirt | Tank Top | Necklace | Shorts | Boots


Sweater | Necklace | Jeans | BagHeels

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